Okay Official Final Jeff Mock 2013

Alright, I got out all the mumbo-jumbo about Tebow coming to Detroit and Welker or Harvin wearing Honolulu Blue next year.. And with or without trading back in round 1.. This is how I see the picks going.. In my most hopeful dreams... Not by round because who knows.. but these picks are by priority and assumed availability..

1st Pick: Chance Warmack. G, Alabama - Day 1 difference maker..

2nd Pick: Margus Hunt DE, SMU - Value ..After somehow slipping to day 2. Day 1 Starter.

3rd Pick: Matt Elam. S, Florida - Cant even tell he's undersized by the amount of (controversial) concussions he's going to cause. (Hopefully he slips past New England in 1st and 2nd rounds.) Also a starter for the Lions Day 1..

4th Pick: Khaseem Greene. LB, Rutgers - If he's still there.. He's developable.. And 2nd string may be alright.. But probably starting if both Durrant and Levy aren't back.

5th Pick: Tyrann Mathieu. CB/PR/KR, LSU - huge Value because of size and Character.. But maybe every team in the NFL is thinking that so he may go quick..

6th Pick: Mike Gilislee. RB, Florida - Not the speed back the coaches are hoping for, but the most well rounded and least likely to get injured.. Still real fast.. Could be a dream if he too slips by the Patriots.

7th pick: Rodney Smith. WR, Florida State - Big fella, with jukes, and decent hands and his straight line speed is fine with me for his size.. (Was listed at 6'6" ...official combine measurements: 6'4" ..So he must just look taller than he is..)

Thats about it... With compensatory picks probably add a OL and a RB.. And possibly Melvin White. CB, Louisiana Lafayette. He's a rude boy.

...Not much different from my first one... But I wasn't sure which players were priority after round 4.. And Denard Robinson may vanish too early.. I'm predicting a "Ted Ginn moment" with him within the first 2 rounds.. Possibly with the Honey Badger too.. (But I've got my fingers crossed)Though, Mathieu would have been taken 5th overall if he hadn't gotten kicked outa school.. So it makes more sense.

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