Tell me what you think (Lions Off season gameplan)

So everybody is talking about what the Lions should do in the draft,and also in free agency. Here is my two cents, and really that's about all it's worth. I see alot of talent in the free agency market, but also alot of people looking to get over paid. The Reggie Bush type back would be very nice, I will admit, but at a price I don't believe we can pay. A Greg Jennings, or Charles Woodson from the Pack would be a nice upgrade, but yet again, both merely quick fixes. I truely believe if we are making moves in free agency, we need to go safety.

Jarius Byrd. That is in my opinion a huge upgrade. If we could bring back Louie Delmas, and put Byrd next to him, we would have a couple of ball hawks defending the backside of a very flawed defense. From there we need to move on to Defensive End.

Though it isn't the best move, I really believe the Lions are making a push to bring back Cliff Avril. His run defense is much to be desired, but still, if that's the plan so be it. he will demand a large amount of our cap. Finally I believe we need to keep the rest of our players.
Resign Houston as a leader in the locker room, keep Levy, and Durant if possible. If not I say let one go, and move Palmer into rotation. Then from there depending on where the cap lies, definetly look at bringing Wright back. He was a great fit here, and I for one would love to see him here.

Now we move onto the draft. if Joeckel is there, it's a not even a question we take him, and slide reiff into guard for a year. Then Backus can give them both one more year of teaching how to be a real pro. I think it's a perfect idea, and win for all.

If we have the possibility, my other idea, and this is a long shot, would be to try to make a trade to go down in the draft. I here all the rumors about the Rams. I think that could very well be a possibility. Even if it's just a few spots, like our first and high second pick, for both of their first round picks. If a scenario like this happens.
I could see us going in the direction of maybe a Chance Womack, and having an amazing guard for years to come, then with the other pick, go for another good pass rusher. Shot in the dark, for an Ansah, or work in progress with upside kind of guy. Granted I don't believe he will be there. If he isn't there, we definetly could go for Trufant later in the first and have an actually good prospect at corner. that is of course, if we didn't resign Wright. We have alot of development CBs already.

So if we could trade down with the Rams we could go on the flip side. Take Ansah with the first pick, and maybe a Barrett Jones with the second. Many ways to go.

From there with the remaining picks, we pick up role players in later rounds. A good speed back in a later round, and maybe another safety to develop. I would say linebacker, but I believe we spent too much last draft, and need to let them develp first.

Either way these are again just mere pipe dreams from a tired Lions fan. With so many holes to fill the Lions can, and hopefully will make moves everywhere. For this is it for the Mayhew/Schwartz era if they don't get us to a respectable record.

Let me know what you think. Love it, hate it, bash it, whatever, just one man's opinion.

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