Best Draft Scenario For Lions

Lions Don't Need the #5 Pick

What kinds of teams draft in the top 5? Teams that need to be rebuilt! Teams that are in the top 5 usually need draft A) Quarter back B) Left tackle C)Elite no-miss talent. The Lions have a franchise QB, LT Rieff from last year with a 4th rounder (Fox) who should be able to anchor the RT spot, and we have Calvin and Suh who are once a generation type player. We don't need a top 5 pick. Instead the Lions need to trade back. Before I put up my draft I'll describe how our team isn't as bad as our record.


The Lions have a playoff caliber offense and its obvious the defense is the weak link. Our offense last year moved the ball really well, the problem was scoring TD's. It's almost certain the O-line will improve according to Mayhew, Leshoure should be able to run for a better average and add another dimension to our offence. I'm really high on Broyles, he is a catching machine, and maybe our new TE coach can help out Pettigrew. Not to mention Burleson is back.


I actually think the wide-9 is perfect scheme for us. Before you all bash me just listen. The wide-9 is used for a team that puts up big scores to force the other team to throw their way back into the game. The wide-9 spreads the d-line out to help create a better chance of getting to the QB and create turnovers and sack the QB in obvious passing situations (not to mention it is a passing league). Our problem is that we didn't have enough pressure and didn't cause enough turnovers. Also our offense didn't put up enough TD's so other teams could expose the scheme and run as oppose to pass.

What We Need

We only lack a speed back/big play threat on offence and depth at WR, almost any typical #2 WR should be able to take advantage of having Calvin on the other side so its not that big of a need. On defense we lack a pass rush and some ball hawks.


1st round (12) trade back to 8 with the Bills for 1st 3rd and 4th round pick. Trade back to 12 with Dolphins for 1st and 3rd Draft Xavier Rhodes CB

2nd round (36) Alex Okafor DE/Eric Reid S/Best Safety

3rd round (65) Bacarri Rambo S/Sam Mongomery DE depending on opposite we took in 2nd round

3rd round (71) Da'Rick Rogers WR/Terrance Williams WR/Justin Hunter WR/Quinton Patton WR At least one will be left after 2 rounds

3rd round (77) David Quessenberry G/C

4th round Mike Gillislee RB/Johnathan Franklin RB/Andre Ellington RB/Kenjon Barner RB

4th round (compensatory) Wes Horton DE

5th round Quanterus Smith DE

6th round Montori Hughes (Fat)DT

7th round Chris Thompson RB- Runs 4.40 but tore ACL

7th round (compensatory)Quinn Sharp---he's a punter and kicker


Without a true 4-3 DE prospect being worthy of a top 10 pick let alone top 5 (all those pass rushers we hear about are 3-4 DE's) we have to move back. The Bills will jump us to draft Geno Smith and move ahead of the Cardinals, Jets, and possibly the Browns. With Eric Fisher and Luke J. gone, Lane Johnson will be the only plug in and start OT left and Miami will try and jump San Diego. By the way, almost all receivers drafted past the 4th are crap that's why I have a WR in the 3rd, plus these are the only legitimate outside receivers left worth drafting and they wont be there in the 4th round.

This Is My First Post!!!!! Give Me Thoughts and Feedback!!!!!

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