My idea of a productive off season

Long time creeper first time contributor here so bear with me,

Since it looks like we have just locked Houston up that is biggest priority dealt with this off season I do believe that is the one thing everyone on this did agree on so now that that is taken care here follows what I believe should be done in the rest of free agency and the start of the draft. Just one quick note though Collage games don't really end up on this side of the pond so my draft knowledge beyond rounds 1+2 is shall we say negligible either way I'll go on to the draft at the end.


Call me crazy here but I do believe we should target DRC. Back when he was a Cardinal he was viewed as a rising star in the world I do believe that the Eagles have bungled both him and the whole cornerback market because remember the was a serious debate when Nnamdi Asomugha signed for the Eagles if he was the equal of Revis and we all saw the drop off there. Now if DRC captures any of his Cards form that would be great if not he is at least an upgrade as a return man from Logan taking a player on the cheap who was either an outcast or someone whose talents have been wasted is a very Mayhew thing to do. Now if plays like he did for the eagles Bentley and co of our oft injured rookie cbs can step in also and if worst comes to worst the cbs market is rather deep so we could "double dip" as someone will be left out at the start off next year.


The main move I would make here is attempting to sign Bernard Pollard who was just released the guy is a vocal leader and is a true iron man player would help show someone like Silva the ropes while coaching him up and give a bit of stability back there for our oft injured secondary.

Defensive End

Here is where it gets tricky this is the position which along with running back could become a bit of a money sink, So what I would propose here is to target one of the big name vets, Freeney, Abraham Osi or Idonije to tutor mostly (see draft) With suh and fairley in the middle I am sure production could still be netted from this group feasting on single team coverage.

Running Back

It looks like reggie bush is all but signed depending on the numbers it could be either a rather good signing or a money pit. To be concluded...

Offensive Tackle

This group I did struggle with basically I think I comes down to a game of draft chicken. If either of top tackles is there you take them and let Backus tutor them and ease them in as the seasons goes on Rieff at RT either way, if on the other hand both of the tackles are gone by 5 and no option to trade back exist I think 5 is a bit too rich for Lane Johnson. So again see what is left after the draft and if a late release is there to be had then go for it purely for depth as I am not sure Fox is ready to start.


As I stated above ideally I would like to see either of the two OTs here but this is a list of a run down else wise. If we somehow fail to land a Corner or end up with "shudder" Cason then I would pick on Milner here I can not see him before us. If however the corner back position is settled I think Ziggy here he can learn from a true vet bought in free agency, and if anything like JPP at least will help against the run to start with.

Trading Down

I can only see this happening if Geno Smith hasn't been taken by Oakland at 3 so moving back perhaps to either arizona at 7 or buffalo at 8 (who just released Fitzpartick) In that case Perhaps Johnson becomes an option but I believe at least one of the former players will still be on the board.

2nd pick

Call this one a gut check but if we dont take Ziggy with our first pick I think we should go hell for leather to try and land Margus Hunt , most drafts I've seen he goes bottom of the first to mid of the second, the guy is the next JJ Watt no question again but with very little experience so need someone to mentor him a bit. Else wise I would just BPA at 37 as again collage football doesnt come to these shores much.

Other areas to look at

I would spend one of late round picks on a punter Harris is not an NFL punter an upgrade is beyond needed

A speedster wide receiver to blow the top of and let Broyles work the Welker style routes and to let Calvin see something beyond Double and triples teams Terrell Sinkfield comes to mind but again that is just the hype talking.

I would also seriously start to consider looking at project players for the C,G ( Barrett Jones if he falls to rd 3) and K position as these guys are getting long in the tooth either via draft or UDFA

So what are people view's on this? A tad naive or not enough salary cap space are my main worries here.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Pride Of Detroit or its writers.

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