Reggie Bush, Glover Quinn signings might be among best ever


That was my first word when I heard that we acquired not only Reggie Bush, but safety Glover Quinn as well. I really was surprised at how successful Detroit was at signing guys of that caliber for decent contracts. I read somewhere that Bush was offered more money from Arizona and similar money from Cincinnati and he chose to come to Detroit first and sign before he left. I really couldn't believe that it worked out as perfect as it did. These things never work out that smoothly.

He stated that so many people associated with Detroit reached out to him. From current players like Matthew Stafford and Calvin Johnson to ex players like the great Barry Sanders to thousands of Lions fans via twitter. The national media speculated that this should happen for Detroit because he is the "perfect fit" and I would have to agree. Reggie brings a championship pedigree and a winning attitude to a team sorely needing winners. It really is a "perfect fit".

Glover Quinn is another guy that I've been keeping an eye out on for a little while now. He is the best cover safety on the market, is young, has been durable, and can play multiple positions. He will be what Delmas should've been and if Delmas doesn't come back, people might not care with Quinn taking his place.

The Lions brought in 3 free agents, all 3 signed before they left. All 3 got market value contracts and all 3 spoke highly of the Detroit organization, it's players, and it's fans. The times of overpaying just to get guys to come here are over. We have legitimate talent now and players recognize how close the Lions really are to being a contender. Things are so much different in that aspect then in previous years. For a very long time, Detroit was not an attractive place to go as a player, especially during the Millen era, but these signings and the players who take paycuts or accept less money are signs that the culture in Detroit truly is changing for the better.

I know these signings do not automatically mean we will be in the superbowl in 2014, but it does say a lot about where the Lions are headed. Reggie Bush and Glover Quinn may end up being two of the most important free agent signings in Detroit Lions history. Reggie could finally be the answer at running back at least for a few years and Quinn could end up being one of the most important players on the defense holding the secondary down for years with Chris Houston. The signings really do speak volumes for the Lions brass' and the kind of team they have. Having marquee names like Stafford, Calvin, Suh, and now Reggie Bush gives them star power unlike they have ever had. This is something the Lions have always lacked as a complete team.

These signings were necessary, smart, and made sense. The Lions now are showing signs that winning is the most important thing and if they can keep this up, a superbowl run that has always been a Lions fan dream could ultimately end up a reality.

Just picture the Lions in downtown Detroit holding the Lombardi trophy for the first time ever. It's a beautiful vision.

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