Draft Scenarios

Since the debate with what the Lions do with the number 5 pick seems to be going round in a circle (Fischer, Ziggy, Milliner) I thought I would try expanding this and to see who is left where in various trade scenarios unfortunately most of these involves someone trading up for Geno Smith but still we saw how many draft pick trades there was last year due to the new rookie wage scale and that is something I expect to continue this year. Also if the pick doesn’t change from the first one it will be left blank.

First straightforward No trades

1 Kansas City: Joeckel/Fischer

Can’t see the Chiefs going anywhere else with this pick there is talk of them taking a DT here also but Mr Reid is an offensive guy and this is where I see him going.

2 Jags: Joeckel/Fischer

Blane Gabbert hasn’t really worked has he but I can see him being given an Oline upgrade best case scenario he becomes a capable starter worst case at least MJD gets a bit of help in the run game

3 Raiders: Sharrif Floyd

Both starting dts are free agents and may not be back anyway due to cap cost. They may go geno here but I think they have way too many holes to pass up a much better player when Pryor is to be given a shot since he can run this years trend, the option.

4 Eagles Dion Jordan

I am really not too sure about the eagles here could go Milliner Johnson or OLB here but I think Jordan fits

5 Lions, Ziggy

With the two top Oline off the board I think we go for the guy we coached/ loved at the senior bowl.

Scenario 2

Raiders fall for geno no one jumps them. This really won’t make a blind bit of difference to the Lions I think maybe Cards get panicky on Lane Johnson but I see them more likely to wait for him to either drop to them if not grab one of the possible 3-4 rushers.

Scenario 3

Raiders fall for Mr Smith and everyone knows it. I see in this case both buffalo and Arizona trying to trade in with both the chiefs and jags open to trading back I see unless Arizona is more desperate than I thought the bills trading into the number two slot

1Chiefs: No Change

2 Buffalo Geno Smith

3 Raiders: No change. They won’t try to re-jump up again they aren’t exactly one qb away from being half way decent and need the draft picks.

4 Eagles: Fischer They upgrade their awful Oline and give them the athlete needed to run chip’s up tempo offense

5 Lions: No change

Scenario 4

Buffalo jumps to jump the cards/ browns to select smith

1-4 No changes

5 Bills Smith

6 Browns: Milliner

Gives them a pair of good lock down corners a solid defence with Richardson on offense they try to do the whole ground, pound, play action thing to see if weeden works. No need for anything else here.

7 Cards Johnson

Not really rocket science here is it. Awful O-line possible stud LT easy choice.

8 Lions we still get Ziggy.

Scenario 5

Browns Bills swap Cards trade with us.

1-4 No change

5 Cards Geno Smith

6 Bills: Jarvis Jones

They need help at OLB and well IF his medical check out then I say he is off the board at this point.

7 Lions Johnson.

Confused? My thought process here is that with the extra pick or so from said trade and a possible stud Oline man still on the board We now have the flexibility and the picks to trade back in to the bottom of the first, I am looking at you Pats we know you love to trade back, to grab the sliding DE probably Werner or Hunt if the latest mocks are to be believed.

Other Possible trading scenarios I don’t see any off these happening but you never know

One of the top two OT’s fall to eagles, cards trade up to grab to stop us from taking them. Ziggy again

Team from the early teens I am thinking Dolphins or Bucs maybe Saints probably trade up to land Milliner. I think you take who is left from the following in order Vaccaro Rhodes Warmack Cooper and for some Matt Millen style stupidity Patterson the Wr. And again trade in again to catch the falling DE or DJ Fluker the OT.

So there we go I am sorry for the really long post it’s just there are just far too many variables in this draft to do a small post on such a big decision.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Pride Of Detroit or its writers.

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