Yet another Mock Draft from another meaningless contributer

Okay, so I've been looking at all of these mock drafts and I figured I'd do my own. I posted who I thought we should grab for all of our picks in a different thread, but I figured I'd just make it a FanPost instead. I'll try to give as much analysis on every pick as I can as well. So here goes.

Round 1 Pick 5 - OT Eric Fisher - Hoping that Fisher would fall to us at #5, I think this pick would be a no brainer. There has been a lot of speculation about whether we should pick Ansah or Fisher at this spot, and it seem like it's about 65/35 in Fisher's favor for the fans vote, and I agree with the majority. I see Fisher as the #1 Tackle in the draft, slightly above Joeckel and I believe he could come in here and be our starting LT from day one and be effective.

Round 2 Pick 36 - DE Alex Okafor - After watching a lot of tape on this guy, I think he is one of the best pure pass rushing DE's in this draft. The DE position is stacked in this years draft for the first 4 rounds and I think the Lions really need to draft at least one DE early and maybe another mid-late round DE.

Round 3 Pick 65 - FS Eric Reid - Reid is projected to go about late 2nd round, so this is hoping that he can fall to us early in the 3rd round. I really like Reid and I think he is early-mid 2nd round talent. He's pretty much right on the ball carrier at the end of every single play and has great ball awareness. With Delmas' injury concerns, it wouldn't hurt to take a Safety in the draft and I think it would be a steal to get a good tackler and hard hitter like Reid.

Round 4 Pick 132 - RG Alvin Bailey - The Lions could really use an interior lineman right now, and since we haven't signed anyone in FA I think we could address our need in the draft. Bailey is a strong and physical guy at 6'3 312 and has a lot of upside IMO. I see him competing for the starting RG spot.

Round 5 Pick 137 - DE Lavar Edwards - So here is our second DE in the draft. I know, I know it's not Cornelius Washington which has been the popular pick. Despite not playing a lot at LSU, when Edwards did play he was very effective. The guy seems to really get after the QB and never stop giving it his all on every play. Washington may be quicker but I think Edwards has better explosiveness while Washington seems to lack that sometimes.

Round 6 Pick 171 - CB Sanders Commings - Yet another CB taken in the 6th round and I believe Commings can be another Jonte Green as well. He plays best under man coverage and fits the type of CB the Lions are looking for (tall and physical). It helps that he ran a 4.41 40 as well.

Round 7 Pick 211 - P/K Quinn Sharp - Some people have him as our 6th round pick and I wouldn't be upset with that. I think he could fall this low and I'm hoping we can get him no matter what. We need a guy like Sharp who can boom the ball on Kickoffs and not give up KR TD's. It helps that he is a pretty darn good Kicker and Punter as well.

Round 7 Pick 245 - RB Onterio McCalebb - The Lions used one of their pre-draft visits on McCalebb and I think he would be a good pick here. McCalebb ran an impressive 4.34 and could be a good returner in the NFL. We already signed Bush but if Bush were to go down we could use McCalebb as the same type of back. He proved at Auburn that if you get him the ball in open space that he will do damage. He will definitely have to bulk up if he wants to stay in the NFL though.

I know this Mock Draft is severely flawed because I didn't pick a WR in the first few rounds like the Lions do every year, and I know we could use one but maybe we can address that need in FA after another wave of cuts.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Pride Of Detroit or its writers.

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