#1 Offense

Darrius Heyward Bey is making a visit today, and he just may (eat some hay, lay by the bay) decide to join forces with what for without a doubt will be the #1 offense in the NFL in 2013.

Last year the excitement shared by Lions fans fell on CJ and then...well, Ryan Broyles, Joique Bell...then poof, what happened, a record, then a 4-12 record. Riley Reiff, eh, yeah that was an exciting new concept with the "3rd TE", adding dimension to the offense. Despite what the majority says, the Lions showed some serious potential in the run game. Mikkel Leshoure came, and well, didn't go, didn't go anywhere far that is. Leshoure showed real promise and was everything he was supposed to be, an inside the tackles hard cut 4+a carry guy. If anyone showed game-breaker potential it was Joique Bell. Hurdling defenders, catching 500+yards, and always getting the extra yard all while showing pure energy, will, and enthusiasm.

Joique Bell should have been the #1 back by week 8 last year and I think he was kept from being so due to "political" reasons. By that I mean, certain coaches realizing their butts were hot when they sat down...thus, you've got to start the young draft pick/prospect with all the hype.

Along came #21. No, not Aaron Brown...Reggie Bush's addition makes our offense that much more dimensional and I wouldn't even hate seeing Bush/Bell have a whole combo set in the playbook. Imagine defenses containing two gamebreakers in the backfield with Megatron and a deep threat (Bey) on the outside.

When you look at the Lions roster it's kind of a head scratcher. I try to understand depth from the outside looking in obviously, better said than done. What I usually get is, well....potential. There is always potential. Whether it be Chris Greenwood, Jason Fox, Lewis "bros.", Green. You have to build a roster this way, it's not possible to just sign free agents. You have to build from within. Last year a lesson was learned. The roster was good, not great, and certainly not deep enough (yet) to stay silent during free agency. But, that's another topic for another day. Point is depth. When you look at the roster there are what? 10 WR? I'm still scratching my heard over the MIke Thomas trade last year.

Anyone remember the draft last year? 3CB, 3LB. Depth from within, hope for the future, dollars to save...not a bad plan, right?! If one doesn't pan out fine, if two, that's a shame...but if we at least get two diamonds out of those last round picks that a great future! Green and Bentley already showed potential, so it's hard for me to imagine us taking Milliner in the draft. So, we have depth at CB, LB, S, and now Martin gets to draft his favorite...lineman. That's the D. If we get two pass rushers this offseason our D is good enough to keep this team ahead, after it stays ahead due to the offense.

Offensive depth. Good: QB, RB, Questionable: TE, WR?, OL? Draft a TE, and a kicker late in draft. OL young depth and good signings have kept our OL somewhat deep but still in need of a future OT besides Fox, Hilliard, and Reiff. Will we need to draft a WR?

So imagine we sign Heyard Bey, a guy who came into the league fast, then flopped his first two years. He then went through the adversity and had a great 3rd year, and a good fourth year. Funny thing that 3rd year, got us no Titus Young, but maybe Bey will come to the rescue, a guy who emerged and matured his 3rd year. Also, keep in mind it's #9s third year...well, ya know, full...year.

Close your eyes, imagine #9 in the gun, Bell/Bush next to him, Broyles in the slot, Megatron, Burleson, and Heyward Bey a deep threat, and I mean a serious deep threat. Safety is aware of Bey, we don't even need a franchise tackle, Stafford won't even be able to wait and throw it deep b/c so many people will be open he'll have to have handcuffs on not to release the ball.

With the depth of the Lions offense, a long ball guy only needs to be in 10-20 plays a game. Matt Stafford should take a pay cut just to get this guy. This has me salivating, and it should excite you as well. This offense is going to be something special....and I for one can't wait.

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