First Time Draft

What is up Pride! I am a die hard lions fan coming out of Tucson, Arizona. I am a huge fan of this site and of the bloggers. Sean Yuille is the hardest working Lions blogger on the internet, hands down! Alright, with the ass kissing aside, this is my first ever mock and I am pretty excited about it.

#5 OT Gosder Cherlius...sorry, still can't get over that... DE Ezekiel "Ziggy" Ansah, BYU

I know everyone is on the OT bandwagon, but I just can not get enough of the Senior Bowl game Ziggy had. He was in our wide 9 system and just DOMINATED. It is not like he was playing against his normal competition in the WCC, it was against the top class senior OL. I know how much football he has only played, but isn't he getting better in every snap? His size and speed is just insane! He is a smart, humble, and a goal driven individual. I will be more than giddy with this pick.

I can live with the OL we have now. Even if we draft a tackle, there is a good chance he will be on the bench to learn the playbook and prepare himself against the NFL elite. Ziggy will be on the field day 1 of the season opener. Next...

#36 DE Cornellius "Tank" Carradine, Florida State

First 2 picks DE? Absolutely! This is also based on their BPA and Tank is high on everyone's list. Kris Kocurek was hired here for a reason, to be the best DL in the NFL. He may not even be here at 36, but he just might drop because of that ACL. Mayhew loves these type of players and this will solidify our DL for years to come. Our DL will be so young, fresh, and talented, NFC North QB's will be asking to play kicker on game day. 6-4, 276, and is just a beast! Next...

#68 WR Aaron Dobson, Marshall

6-3, 210, and runs a blazing 4.4 40. This is Calvin Johnson's step brother. With 92 targets, guess what his drop % was...0! Matthew Stafford will not know how to contain himself. This could be one of the most electrifying offenses in the NFL. Next...

#132 CB D.J Hayden, Houston

This kid is a FOOTBALL PLAYER! 4.33 40, 6-0 and is just everywhere around the ball. A hard hitting tackler that Schwartz loves. He has a tragic story of almost losing his life. He was kneed to the chest, at practice, and ruptured a vein to his heart. He is a relentless fighter and will fit well in Detroit. Next...

#137 G Alvin Bailey, Arkansas

Finally... He drafts a lineman! This kid is a brick wall. 6-3 and 312 lbs is just ridiculous. He is an underclassmen with a lot of upside. Jeremiah Washburn is going to have a lot of fun developing this kid. He also ran a 4.9 40 with 27 bench reps. With Rob Sims as his daddy, we will be just fine at the guard position. Next...

#171 P/K Quinn Sharp, Oklahoma St.

I have never been so excited about Lions drafting a kicker in my life. The mullet is just bad ass and he can actually kick the ball out of the end zone! We need a punter and a kicker and it so happens Quinn can do both! I am sure he will be our primary kicker and will be happy to see him in the Honolulu blue. Next...

# 211 RB Onterio McCalebb, Auburn

Return man. Next...

# 245 TE Levine Toilolo, Stanford

Big and tall TE with sure hands and can somewhat block. Just like Tony Scheffler. Done

And there you have it, my draft cherry has popped and all the people who read this, your welcome. JK. Can't wait for your feedback and maybe I will join in all of your blogger rants this time. Regardless who we pick at 5, we will be a better team. I can not wait to see Jay Cutler's beautiful white snags get smashed into the ground this season. Go LIONS!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Pride Of Detroit or its writers.

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