If All Your Friends Did A Mock...

Right to the meat and potatoes. The rambling will come later!

  1. Fisher, Eric OT CMU: Fisher is the right pick at the Fifth Overall, as much as I want Ansah that would be a bad pick over Fisher. Now If Fisher is gone? All hands on deck the Ansah Bandwagon/Freight Train. Millner if both are MIA. Also a trade with St. Louis would be ideal.
  2. Jones, Barrett OC/G/T Bama: I am always nervous about O-linemen that feature several highly rated prospects, afraid that parts don't equal the sum, but Jones fiery nature and skill at calling line adjustments favors highly in his potential chemistry with Stafford. So many other options here, Elam, Montgomery, Hunt or some later 1st rounder sliding down hard.
  3. Thomas, Phillip S Fresno State: He might be available, Safeties seem to be so deep that they slide around the draft board wildly, but I like Thomas as an all around Safety with out many flaws. Plenty of other options available here. Warford, if you want to nutso on Oline Early, or if Fisher/Jones are unavailable. Tank Carradine, as solid as a prospect available in the third.
  4. Jenkins, Brandon DE Florida State: Compensatory: As hard to stomach drafting injured players can be getting a player with level of potential at this point in the draft is smart. No more alternates, after the third it gets way to messy.
  5. Sinkfield, Terrell Northern Iowa: Don't think that I am solely focused on the '4.19' I think reality is in the 4.3s but thats damn good speed and watching the little I can find of him he has ball skills, enough so as to roll the dice on him here. Also we miss out one Mike Gillislee in between the 4th and 5th.
  6. Robinson, Denard ATH Michigan: Some people will pan this and others will praise, often for the same reasons, misunderstanding. I dislike collage football so I don't give two rips about Denard in regards to MI. The reason why I would snag him is two-fold: 1.) I think he'll develop into a great replacement for Best, and play a large part of our return game. 2.) This way people can repurpose those old Titus jerseys.
  7. Stoneburner, Jake TE Ohio State: I think that with the injuries to out TEs last year left us exposed. I expect Scheffler to be injured sooner than Pettigrew and Heller is not cutting it as our versatile TE/H-Back. I think Stoneburner has the versatility to cover all three uses we have for TEs.
  8. The Formatting makes this the 7th Compensatory Ray Ray Armstrong S Miami...well formerly. Total dice roll, but at least it could pay off well
UDFA A Punter and that Safety from CMU.
Rambling time; I am not a negative type, even when it comes time for that I won't be negative.
With that being said, I am overall happy with Mayhew's job. Some mistakes, but hindsight is 20/20.
This is Schwartz's year. Good or bad, I don't think the record should decide his fate. I think it comes down whether or not he makes this team better, better execution, better development and better men. In the end I thing his fate will determine the record of this team.
With that said I think we're in the market for a new HC next year. My Vote? Ken Whisenhunt, Got a lot out of an under-talented team down in the desert.

And finally, Cliff Avril is my favorite current Lion, well sort of current, but paying anymore than 7.5 is out of the question. I wish him well and hope gets a killer contract. Still bummed that Ill have retire my Avril jersey though.

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