Another draft-day scenario: what would you do?

HT to ATL Lion for this post. I thought I'd submit another one.

Draft Day rolls around. The top four picks end up being Joeckel, Fisher, Ansah and Lotulelei (in whatever order).

The traditional "draft value chart" can be thrown out the window. It all depends on who is available. Nobody is going to offer us an "RGIII" package to trade down. Unless you're into interior linemen with a top-5 pick (not that there's anything wrong with that), there doesn't appear to be a "can't-miss" prospect who fell to # 5 (like Eric Berry or Patrick Peterson in previous years). So, here's the situation:

Detroit is on the clock. Three different teams call up Mayhew and offer a trade package.

Because time is short, they put their best offer on the table. No counter-offers. No time for an auction. Take one of these trades, or settle for somebody left on the board.

Buffalo, at # 8, doesn't quite want to give up their third (# 71) straight-up, but the Bills are willing to give up their third in exchange for our 2014 fifth, to swap # 8 for our # 5. So, we acquire a third just to move down 3 spots, but we give up our fifth-round pick next year.

Miami, at # 12, doesn't quite want to give up their second (# 42) straight-up, but the Dolphins are willing to give us their second if we also swap this year's fifth (# 137) for their seventh-round pick (#217). We basically get a second-rounder for a latter-round swap, fifth-for-seventh, to move down from # 5 to # 12.

New York, at # 19, doesn't want to touch their second-round pick, but, realizing it will take a lot of draft capital to move from # 19 all the way to # 5, offers to trade their third and fifth this year (# 81 & # 152), plus swap their 2014 first-round pick for our 2014 second-rounder, and swap their 2014 third-round pick for our 2014 fifth-rounder. So, we get a third and fifth this year. Plus, we go into next year's draft with two firsts (ours and the Giants') but no second-round pick, as well as two thirds but no fifth.

What would you do?

Update: gotothejoe reminded me that we don't have our fifth-round pick in 2014. I don't want to alter this question, so I guess just substitute your own opinion of what a 5th next year is worth (maybe we give up our 2014 6th & 7th instead, or suppose we acquire a 2014 5th from a player trade or something and use that one). my bad.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Pride Of Detroit or its writers.

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