2013 NFL mock draft: Bengals select Menelik Watson


The Cincinnati Bengals take Menelik Watson with the 37th pick of the 2013 POD Community Mock Draft.

With the 37th pick in Pride Of Detroit's 2013 NFL mock draft, the Cincinnati Bengals select Florida State offensive tackle Menelik Watson. Northern Lite is serving as the Bengals' general manager, and his reasoning for the pick is below.

As I previously said, the draft is about value. I can't think of better value than having a top of the second-round pick for a guy who wouldn't play for the team anymore and isn't on the team that traded for him just a few years ago (Carson Palmer). This is like a free pick, so I decided to take advantage of the situation and draft an intriguing prospect in Menelik Watson.

Coming in at 6'5" and weighing 314 lbs., Menelik, a foreign-born player hailing from Manchester, England, has the size and explosiveness to be a productive tackle in the NFL. Menelik has tried to become a pro in several sports, including soccer, baseball and basketball. He finally found his calling with football, and after a year of junior college, Menelik was able to show his stuff at Florida State.

In addition to his size, Menelik has the quick feet, violent hands and explosive first step that tackles need to be successful in the NFL. He is still raw due to lack of experience, and it shows in the way he positions himself and comes off the line. Many scouts think Menelik is talented enough to be a LT, but even if he stays a RT, he is needed in Cincy.

The Bengals' current RT, Andre Smith, has been nothing but a pain for the team this offseason. Now, the owner of the Bengals is cheap and has tons of cap space. He refused to franchise Smith, and now Smith is trying to squeeze every cent from the man. Many fans aren't too happy with Smith and would be even less happy paying him $8-9 million a year.

This pick made the most sense to me due to Watson's value and Cincy's need to get some fresh blood in along the O-line. I was a little upset Jonathan Cyprien didn't make it to this pick, and I also seriously considered drafting Gio Bernard or Alex Okafor. Still, the Smith story is all over any Bengals site and I'm already sick of the guy, so I can imagine how the fans feel. Cheap is the name of the game, and this will let the Bengals show some of their overpriced linemen the door.


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