Trade down with Miami

I've read lots and lots of speculation as to whether the Lions will try to trade down. When you contemplate how far they might trade down and what teams might have an interest in trading up, as well as enough picks to make trading up tenable, I think Miami comes up as a pretty good trading partner to target.

Let's look first at what picks they have currently and their relative NFL Trade Chart Values:

Round 1 - Pick 12 - Value 1200 points

Round 2 - Pick 42 - Value 480 points

Round 2 - Pick 54 - Value 370 points

Round 3 - Pick 77 - Value 205 points

Round 3 - Pick 82 - Value 180 points

Round 4 - Pick 111 - Value 72 points

Round 5 - Pick 146 - Value 33 points

Round 6 - Pick 166 - Value 25 points

Round 7 - Pick 217 - Value 4.6 points

Round 7 - Pick 224 - Value 2 points

Round 7 - Pick 250 - Value 0.2 points

That my friends is a long, long list of picks! Now let's consider what the team has gone thru recently and what their needs are in the draft, and whether they are likely to be able to target those needs as effectively as they may wish:

Yahoo's team report says succinctly, "The Dolphins need an offensive tackle to replace Jake Long..." Although the article mentions that the they could trade for Brandon Albert, it seems reasonable to surmise, it simply doesn't make sense that they would let Jake Long go because of money and injury concerns to obtain Albert who would bring the same problems in tow, as well as cost them a draft pick or two too boot.

In my estimation, the Dolphins would be interested in considering a trade up to be able to draft a prime left tackle prospect to keep their budget more in line, that doesn't have injury issues, and at least feel that they won part of their battle of player strategies. Of course it would cost them some draft picks, but it seems that they have lots to work with.

If they obtain the Lions first pick, #5 overall, they should be able to draft either Fisher, Joeckel, or Johnson. You might believe that this is exactly what the Lions should do themselves. However, you have to wonder: a) when was the last time the Lions have done anything that hasn't surprised you, and b) with Riley Rieff, Corey Hilliard, and Jason Fox doesn't the team have at least two better prepared prospects to man their tackle positions, if as the draft transpires their only choice is to pick Johnson who has only played the position one year? It is also reasonable to ask, don't the Lions have lots of needs? A high potential DE would probably lead the list, but with both TEs free agents next year, this is a potential area of need too, and finding a healthy, quality #2 receiver still is on the agenda. Furthermore, some might add one more CB, perhaps another LB, and a DT to assure that there is quality depth.

With a list this long getting at least a couple more picks sure wouldn't hurt, would it? Besides if the two top tackle prospects wind up being drafted ahead of the 5th pick, do you wind up with the same guy you could have at #12, but with one or two additional quality picks as a bonus!

Here's my trade proposal for Lions' fans to ponder:

Send the Lions Round 1, Pick 5, valued at 1700 points, the Round 5, Pick 137, valued at 37.5 points, and the Round 6, Pick 171, valued at 23 points to the Dolphins for their Round 1, Pick 12, valued at 1200 points, Round 2, Pick 42, valued at 480 points, Round 4, Pick 111, valued at 72 points, Round 7, Pick 217, valued at 4.6 points, and their Round 7, Pick 224, valued at 2 points. In total we send them 1760.5 points for 1758.6 points, but we add much higher overall picks as well as net 2 additional pick.

With this trade here's how my draft wish list would look:

Round 1, Pick 12, DE Ezekiel Ansah

Round 2, Pick 35, TE Tyler Eifert

Round 2, Pick 42, WR Justin Hunter

Round 3, Pick 65, OG Larry Warford

Round 4, Pick 111, RB Marcus Lattimore

Round 6, Pick 137, WR Denard Robinson

Round 7, Pick 211, DT T J Barnes

Round 7, Pick 217, LB Brandon Magee

Round 7, Pick 224. LB John Lotulelei

Round 7, Pick 245, FS Daimion Stafford

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Pride Of Detroit or its writers.

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