Ah to be in the Minority....

Because i still want the lions to draft Dee Milliner. Now before everyone go's nuts hear me out....

People are saying that if Mayhew took Milliner, it would show that he has given up on the 3 corners who he picked in last years draft. First of all there is nobody in there right mind can say that those corners are good. Obviously Greenwood gets a pass because of injury, and Bill Bentley's season was cut short but in college who did they play as competition? if i remember correctly they went to Louisiana tech and Albion... seriously? Jonte Green should be relegated to special teams because that way he wouldn't have to worry about not be able to turn his head around! The opposition to the competition argument is someone like derrelle revis who went to Pitt and didn't really play that high level competition, but for every Revis theirs a Jacob Lacey.

Another thing i cant stand is the argument of if our defensive line is great then our corners don't have to cover for too long. We had a pretty stacked d-line and that did not work out to well if i remember correctly.

The newest thing against Milliner is his injury concerns... where these reports came from i have no idea, its not like they are made up but how many games did he miss because of "all" these injury's? 1. Just tells me he played for a no BS coach in Saban that practiced and played hard and is tuff enough to play through injury's.

I cant sit here and blindly say Milliner over Fisher or Joeckel if there are there because even if i think Detroit have a HUGE need at corner, i can sit here and say that i would rather see those OT Keep Stafford safe then seeing milliner take a Pick to the house. The DE talk is also compelling but Dion Jordan is probably a better 3-4 lb and Anzah has only played 2 years of football at BYU, he may be a freak but i really don't think Mayhew will take a project at 5 if his job depends on it. He may have torn it up at BYU but until until he gets hit in the mouth by a real OT idk.

Also with the OT talk wasn't Reiff drafted to be the future LT? So in a way wouldn't that be giving up on him also? Granted the lions say hes versatile and can play any position on the line, that doesn't mean we can get the same thing in Barrett Jones in the 3rd round? So in the end i think we could live with Milliner at 5, DE in the Second and maybe Jones or O-line in the 3rd.

I will have to live with whatever the lions pick but in the end whomever they take there will be 2 scenarios this season. Either we will have to win games 50-40 or we will have to complain about a Stafford injury/no run game due to the lack of a good oline. I'm just living in that world where i think we can have both.

starting Roster


Stafford QB

Bush Rb

Pettigrew TE

Johnson WR

Burleson WR #2

Marques Goodwin/Broyles #3

Reiff LT

Sims LG

Raiola C

Jones RG

Hillard/ Fox Rt


Jones/Okafor De

Suh DT

Fairley DT

Young/ Carradine De

Levy OLB

Tulloch MLB

Palme/ Lewis OLB

Houston CB

Milliner CB

Bentley Nickel CB

CB Greenwood/ smith / Green depth

Delmas FS

Quinn SS

That's not a bad looking roster if you ask me. ... Thanks for reading! Go LIONS!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Pride Of Detroit or its writers.

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