The "Bustometer" Review of the Riskiest Picks of the 2013 Draft

I stated several months ago, and stand by it today, that overall this is one of the worst draft classes in recent memory. 2005, 2002, and 2000, get ready for some company, because 2013 will soon be joining your ranks as one of the most bust-filled and disappointing classes of the new millenia. Without further ado, here is the "Bustometer" Review of some of the worst risks in this draft class.

My patented "Bustometer" works on a dial of 1-10. I simply pass it over a prospect, and the needle gives me a reading telling me how stanky they really are after you cut through the BS. Let me share with you what my amazing little device found after reviewing this years prospects.

10 - Barkevious Mingo - Lackluster work ethic, lackluster production, but the good news is he's a "tweener", and we know how the NFL loves those little tweener weiners, NOT! Some out of touch with reality GM (Jerry Jones, is that you?) is going to take a swing and a whiff on this guy in the first round. They will talk grandiosely of tailoring a system to fit his talent, and find two things in retrospect. 1 - You can't cure lazy, & 2 - Reinventing the wheel is just that. In any other draft, Mingo would be a 3rd round selection. I dub thee - Calvin Pace

9.3 - D.J. Fluker - The mammoth ROT only, brings back fabled memories of the storied career of the Lions own Aaron Gibson. Who needs footwork anyways?

8.4 - Ezekial Ansah - Why bother looking at his lack of production at powerhouse BYU, when we can focus instead on his amazing story, incredible measurables, how he was "misused" in college, and comparisons to JPP. How's this for a comparison, Courtney Brown.

8.1 - Eddie Lacy - For running behind an offensive line that was so dominant, Lacy didn't exactly make himself stand out. People think he's the next Trent Richardson, I see the next Curtis Enis.

7.7 - Sheldon Richardson - Oh, the talent is there, but what lies between the ears ranges from lacking to immature. Some team will find they have the next Ryan Sims on their hands.

7.6 - Dion Jordan - Another one of those "tweeners", gotta love em! At least Jordan had some production in college, too bad that's going to get swallowed whole in the pro's, where his size/weight ratio makes him pancake hamburger waiting to happen. Hello Andre Wadsworth, long time, no see.

7.3 - Lane Johnson - He's so "athletic" as a LT. He's a former this (TE), a former that(QB). So what if he's raw and unpolished, just look at how athletic he is! Look it's a bird! No it's a plane! No, it's Jason Smith part deux!

7.0 - Tavon Austin - He and Geno Smith sure piled up the statistics in the Big 12, but exactly how many good secondaries did he face last year, and how about the rather pedestrian showing in the Pinstripe Bowl? Some people see the next Percy Harvin, but others see the next Peter Warrick.

6.8 - Xavier Rhodes - I came, I saw, I wasn't impressed. How this guy went so far up draft boards I will never know. This is Michael Booker 2.0.

6.1 - Chance Warmack - Mammoth, amazing, played on a dominant O-Line, just like Leonard Davis....

For the record, I hope that I'm wrong. I would like to see all these fine young men succeed in the next chapter of their life, but we all know that for some of them, it's not going to happen.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Pride Of Detroit or its writers.

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