What are possible WR solutions going forward ?

I thought we really needed a solid 2WR before last years draft and I was one of those guys drooling over Alshon Jeffery and Stephen Hill in the second round.

I was never really a believer in Titus Young, I always thought that he was like a " toy " - a guy who could maybe make some spectacular plays as like 3WR - but not a solid bread and butter 2WR.

Turns out we picked up Broyles in the second round last year - who I really liked too - but I like him more as a slot / possession receiver, kind of like a Burleson 2.0 - but still - I thought, and continue to think, that we need a solid 2WR.

Since then, we have really made something of an effort :

Last year -

Picked up speed receiver Patrick Edwards as an UDFA - he had a great camp before suffering an injury

Signed speed receiver Mike Thomas from J Ville - a former 4th round pick and productive player - apparently he had a tough time making the mid-season transition to our offense - maybe he has lost his desire after cashing in with J Ville

Signed Kris Durham off waivers - a former 4th round pick

Signed Brian Robiskie off waivers - a former 2nd round pick

Played Tony Scheffler in routes that were very much like a WR - and he played very well in that role - often getting wide open deep

This year -

Signed Devin Thomas out of retirement - a young former 2nd round pick and Superbowl winner with the Giants

Made a serious FA run at Darrius Heyward-Bey and Domenik Hixson. Both players decided to sign elsewhere

Drafted Corey Fuller - in the 6th round - a track athlete who made some great plays for VA Tech last season

So . . .

Does anyone think that we have any kind of production at WR coming from anyone, or even a combination of players, from this above list ? Am I missing anything ? And I know that Bush will give us some production in the receiving game as well.

Or . . .

Do we have to do something else like sign Brandon Lloyd, Laurent Robinson, or even, take a shot at what Randy Moss might still want to do opposite Calvin Johnson for one more year ( don't laugh - he was productive last year - and might be a really good fit for us as like a 4WR and red zone threat ) ?

Another tack

Would be to wait and see what happens and maybe work out a trade - perhaps with S.F. for A.J. Jenkins or something like that.

What do you guys think ?

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