Detroit Lions: the Best of Matthew Stafford

So 2012 was a terrible year for Detroit Lions football. I think we can all agree on that. It was like being forced to listen to "One Way Ticket to Hell...and Back" after being graced with "Permission to Land." It was like watching "Beer Pong Road Trip" after your eyes and ears had been blessed with "Drive" or "Blue Valentine." Need I say more?

I know, I know, get to the point, BHC. We all love your witty puns and unique cultural references, but what's this all about? Well I was bored and decided to write a fanpost about the best Stafford moments of his (thus far) brief, but entertaining career. While we all love to hate on our beloved Lions after a down year such as 2012, it's nice to know that we still do have this QB who is young, extremely talented, and (hopefully) the cornerstone of this franchise for 10+ years to come.

So let's be honest. We all love Megatron for who he is. A hard-working, never-say-never, ungodly fit, beautiful, talented....(sorry, I tend to rant when it comes to Calvin) MAN. But for how much we can say about his game and how great he is, Stafford tends to be a bit more entertaining when it comes down to it. Whether he's partying on a boat Matt-stafford_medium

(Like a BOSS)

or staring in pretty awesome commercials


or being this totally awesome guy to a random kid (LINK), or just simply tossing 50 yard bombs to Calvin. I want you guys to tell me your favorite moments from Stafford's career so far. I'll start you all out with a few of my own, besides the ones I already gave, and I want all of POD to vote on it. If this is popular and you all like it, I'll do more with different Lions players and/or personnel.

  • The story of Matt spending $1500 on a kid with an illness so he could go to a game
  • His comeback against the Browns in his rookie year (LINK)
  • That pass against the Browns to Megatron when we all felt like, damn, we may have something here (Same link as above, around 1:10 mark)
  • The game winning drive against the Raiders (LINK)
  • The game winning drive against the Rams this past year (LINK)
  • His fantasy football commercial
  • His girlfriend

So I got you guys started. Give me any more ideas and I'll gather them up and create a bracket for you guys to vote on. Get to it.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Pride Of Detroit or its writers.

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