Schedule speculation part 1

So I know that ideally I should wait till full team padded practice before we start contemplating in depth this upcoming season however because of the fact I live as you may have guessed in Scotland I don’t have any friends who properly follow the NFL and the two casual fans I know are (gasp) Colts fans. So I hope you can forgive my ramblings and ravings this early in the preseason. I am going to look at what I believe the key match ups will be in each game and predict the results.

Also I just noticed how long this is so it is getting split into two Parts.

So before I begin I am going to assume though that we do land a veteran pass rusher if nothing else. Well that and we get some sort of contribution from special teams this year.

Week 1 vs. Vikings. (W) This basically boils down to stopping AP and with Ziggy coming off the edge we actually have a run stopping DE as Ponder is still in a word Awful and I don't believe their new WR Patterson will be truly able to contribute this early as he was regarded as a raw route runner. Jared Allen spends his whole time giving Stafford and Reiff fits but thanks to Bush and Broyles we have options on quick passes and screens to slow him down. The calls that we should have traded up for a tackle start bar the fact Ziggy played well chasing AP down all game. 17-13

Week 2 at Cardinals (W) In what becomes in the words of JR “a slobber knocker of a match” Our DT’s match up with the OG of Cardinals and get pressure up in Palmers grill and force him about. He makes some plays but so does Stafford against a very good defense, the old throw the ball the CJ and watch him beat everyone ala Cowboys triple coverage from a few years ago here. At the end of the first half rolls the cover to him more so than before. The kicker wins it for us midway through the 4th. 17-16 Calls for an OT increase even with the DE’s feasting on a statuesque QB with the worst LT in the league

Week 3 at Redskins (W) RG3 still is out and we deal with Cousins okay our LB’s get shown up by Morris but we outscore them. As this is the first time Stafford gets enough time to throw and the full combo of Broyles Bush Burleson (hereafter called the B-team) and CJ gets unleashed and we simply outscore them 2009 Saints style. 38-31 Delmas goes down injured and misses 4 games. Oddly enough the calls about drafting the wrong player decrease in amount.

Week 4 vs Bears (W) Something very very odd happens this game we win it on the ground with Bush able to take it round there poor MLB and gash them on the ground we give up a big return to Hester but keep the Bears O-line and Jay Cutler on their collective backsides for the game. We win but it isn't pretty. People start to warm to Ziggy and Taylor finally getting the hang of rushing the QB with the vet doing well on the single teams left on easy passing downs. 19-9 Though Fox get injured on the right side after a promising start out for a few weeks.

Week 5 at Packers (L) Our up and coming CB’s hold up well for the most part but a breakdown of communications in the secondary on a zone play gives the Packers a lead and with Lacy there against a 6 man box they run out the clock with a Rodgers scramble annoying everyone not in Cheesehead town. Warford and BJ Raji face off in the battle of the bulk Warford wins and we have a keeper for a long time at Guard. 20-24

Week 6 at Browns (W) In what turns into an unexpectedly tricky match we just eek out the W but their D suffocates the whole squad CJ with Hayden and The B team takes a pounding going over the middle but a Bell run takes enough time off the clock for us and the game is won by the field position battle. Calls that we should have took an Oline guy in round start again even though Ziggy is playing well. 13-9

Week 7 vs Bengals (L) Another high scoring game this one but we lose. Sanu, Green and their two TE in particular cause too many matchup problems for our average (let’s be honest) OLB’s and with Delmas still on the side line we can't contain them. Their D line keeps Stafford under pressure all day and our final push comes unstuck by a Pettigrew drop, followed by a pass batted down at scrimmage. 24-28 Team B loses Burleson on a crossing route for the next game. Fuller starts in front of Thomas

Week8 vs Cowboys (W) I think the Cowboys could be this year’s NFC whipping boys there Safety play is atrocious, changing schemes and are a mess on offense . DeMarco Murray is injured and Romo is getting bashed in the media and by our D-line and they implode. Fuller plays well as a deep threat with his meaningful snaps, people forget how bad the Cowboys safeties and O-line are here Romo gets more blame. Fuller plays well and sees some of Burleson’s snaps even post injury. 38-17 We start getting a mention as a possible play-off team even though we have a better record than a possible “super bowl team” Ravens.

At the midway point we are 6-2 good start right? Let me know what you think so far.

So that is half way I know huge amount of text but I did warn at the start I don't have anyone discuss this with. So here is my ravings Part 1 may I add.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Pride Of Detroit or its writers.

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