Schedule speculation part 2

So this is part two if anyone didn't read or couldn't be bother reading the first part here is a very quick synopsis of Part 1. Lions are 6-2 .Lost against Bengals and Packers. Our ground game won against the Bears and special teams beat the Browns. Our air attack beats the offense of the Skins and cowboys and makes enough plays to see off the defenses off the Viking's and cardinals respectively with our D holding their offense in check.

PS The B team consists of the players who will do the underneath and shallow routes mostly Bush Broyles and Burleson.

Week 9 Bye The B team is healthy again, Bush shakes off a groin strain which niggled at him since week 6 and Burleson recovers.

Week 10 at Chicago (L) On an awful day at soldier field we play out a poor game Forte gets the rock often and early and our DE run out of puff due to our offense really struggles against the bears D that is comfy on this field and can cover the B team and as such our defense spends a long time on the field. 17-10 We lose a starting corner for the season on a twisted knee and Fairley goes down with bruising and suddenly our DT situation gets a bit nervy. In Ziggy’s first bad game the call for an Oline guy return and Slay is also getting heat for not being awesome being compared against some rookie who is way over achieving.

Week 11 at Steelers (L) After the battering they took last week the team underperforms against a Steelers team fighting for relevance and possibly the last AFC wild card spot with the Ravens Colts and Dolphins. The B team takes a pounding and each one misses a few snaps and Reiff struggles for the second week running even CJ starts to show some wear and term with the second slugfest in a row. Our defense puts up some points but missing a starter and some major depth problems stop us from doing more. 20-14. Calls for a HC change start after a lackluster display. Delmas down again as does our veteran DE.

Week 12 vs Bucs (L) Revis vs CJ They have the depth to cover most other positions and our Oline struggles with their DT’s our defense gets some pressure against there tackles but Freeman playing for his job and one of the wild card spots (On a side note I think this games winner gets spot number 6) holds on thanks to muscle hamster verses our OLB and Delmas sub but only if Revis beats CJ. Fairley is limited but back and our corners are starting to play well again 24-20 The grumblings for a change become a shout.

Week 13 vs Packers (W) Finally a thanks giving day win. The players come out a rally behind Jim and Mayhew with the speculation they are on the chopping block. Suh and Fairley keeps Rodgers running all day and Ziggy picks up the scraps. Bentley and Greenwood finally show last year’s potential and Cobb and Nelson are shut down. Stafford feast on the secondary with Clay Mathews handled well by the line all working as a unit well for the first time. Fuller gets a few more snaps to force a deeper coverage and the B team eats it up. 42-28 The postseason berths are still obtainable at this stage but only just.

Week 14 at Eagles (L) Eagles playing for the NFC East Crown are properly going for this one and steal it at the end with a McCoy scramble where Suh and Fairley confident after last week get trapped all game and Ziggy shows his inexperience in football against what I assume will be an unusual offensive just starting to have the game style to the point of being close enough to second nature to get the most exotic plays out. Stafford keeps it as a shootout but the emotional wear from the packers’ games causes some silly mistakes late and it costs us. 31-35 Calls that Ziggy was a bad choice start up despite leading the team in sacks. Pretty much rules out dethroning the Packers but seed 6 is still doable.

Week 15 vs Ravens MNF (W) Ford Field is rocking in what is barring the thanksgiving game the biggest one of the year. Basically this will come down to our Ogs and C versus Ngata. Webb does a good job against CJ but can’t do too much against the B team underneath and a death by paper cut scenario plays out. Flacco gets pressure in his face all day but still makes a few plays to Torrey Smith and Pitta but not enough as B team eats a lot of time and first downs up. 27-17 We start to see this as a very good class minus Slay who has been solid but unspectacular. Our special teams’ is no longer a major weakness with Riddick working well as a return guy.

Week 16 at Giants (L) Playing for the NFC east Crown the giants D line Müllers our Oline and Stafford can’t get into a groove and for the first time in months our offense stagnates in the cold. Our d line keeps Eli moving but between our beat up corners and a good showing from Wilson we lose in what is probably our worst defeat of the year. 13-24 Lose Raiola to nerve damage and start to look for a draft replacement.

Week 17 at Vikings (W) at 8-7 we are playing for pride really and 2nd place in the north, the Vikings are much the same we give me snaps to the late round skill position rookie here to gauge them for next year. Stafford makes it 15,000 yards in 3 years the Vikings rookies really step up from the week 1 showing but Ponder knows he is one the way out and with the rushing title out of sight for AP the game lacks fizz. We win thanks to CJ doing what he has been doing all year but no one takes any note. 24-17

End of season

We lament being in the NFC north as this record of 9-7 would get us a wild card slot in the AFC and easier rival games. We look towards the draft where Linebacker and center is what POD members cry for, well that and a superbowl. So there is my two post monster of this upcoming season. Thanks for reading and let me know what people think.


This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Pride Of Detroit or its writers.

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