If you could add anyone, which player from another team would you add?



John B from Gang Green Nation (and Jben05 from Bucs Nation) get all of the credit for this post idea. Pick one player from another team who would either fit a need or just overall make our team better.

I'll use his same rules:

  1. You do NOT have to give the team any compensation for the player
  2. Salary cap is NOT in play here
  3. Since quarterbacks have the largest effect on the game, they are NOT up for consideration (everyone would just add Aaron Rodgers and that takes the fun out of it).
  4. Like we would ever need him ↑ LOL
  5. Provide coherent and logical explanations why you would pick said player, and we can start some good debate.

My pick is Aldon Smith. I know what your saying he's a 3-4 OLB and we're a 4-3. Or why not Luke Joeckel, A.J Green or Luke Kuechly? The reason being is that with a few adjustments he could fit our scheme. He's too small to be a DE at only 258 lbs and at 6'4 he's only an inch taller than our other OLB Deandre Levy, so physically he's good to go. The transition from a 3-4 OLB to 4-3 isn't that different and can be done fairly easily as they are very similar, accomplish most of the same goals, and is even easier when the player is a pure pass rusher. Cliff Avril was a 3-4 OLB and was transitioned to a 4-3 DE and did quite well and should be even easier at OLB. Plus Trent Murphy who is one the top OLB's in the 2014 Draft is 6'6, so Smith has decent size for the position. Also our pass rush last year was pathetic and near the last in the league. Nearly one third of that came from Cliff Avril who is now gone, and with Ziggy Ansah and Devin Taylor being raw, a more experienced pass rusher would be a boon. Aldon Smith had 19.5 sacks last year which is more than half of the entire Lions Defense of 34, and was one of the best pass rushers which we could definitely use. Imagine our front 7 with Suh, Fairley, Ansah, Taylor, Levy, Tulloch, and Smith. (shudder down Aaron Rodger's spine)

Tell me what you think, what player would you add to the Lions from another team? Remember, QBs are not up for consideration.

P.S If Smith was on our side this would never happen again




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