The New Case For Kris Durham

Kris Durham is a hugely underrated, overly criticized and extremely athletic WR that could upgrade our Receiving corps. There was a post a few weeks ago that talked about this and gave a lot of great points. The Kris Durham haters/doubters kept saying that he wasn't fast enough, didn't run good enough routes, and that people only like him because of that amazing catch in Green Bay and everyone else was injured. All are good points with some truth and need to be addressed
To be fair he only played 4 games and started three. In that he racked up 125 yds, 8 receptions and 1 score. Lets do the math. Let's say if he began the season, played all 16 games and started maybe 13-15 of them based on his current stats he would have 500 yds, 40 receptions, and 4 tds.
125*4= 500 yds, 8*4= 32 recs, 1*4= 4 tds.
That's a rough estimate based on what he's done and is just a projection. Compare that to Burleson who had 240 yds, 27 recs and only 2 tds. He did get injured halfway so let's pretend that he played the whole season. He would have 480 yds, 54 rec's, and 4tds. Titus young played 10 games with 383 yds, 33 rec's and 4tds. Lets round up and say that if did play all 16 games it would look similar to his 2011 stats with about 500-600 yds, 6-8 tds, and 45-50 rec's. Lastly Ryan Broyles who had 310 yds, 22 rec's and 2 tds in 10 games. However he only started about 3 of those. So if he didn't get injured he would have roughly 450-500 yds, 3-5 tds, and about 35-40 rec's. Again he only started about 3 of those so the numbers are probably much higher had he actually started. Now Kris Durham to an extent outperforms some of our starters. He would have more yards than Burleson, about as many as Broyles and nearly as many tds as Broyles and Burleson. He also will eventually get more as he matures, learns the system and picks up a few pointers from Calvin. Again these calculations are approximate, there will be some games where he'll suck but there will other games where he excels just like every other Player who's ever existed. We don't need an albino Calvin Johnson we just need a decent #2 threat who stretches the field.
Now for the doubters he showed flashes of decent speed and once he learns the scheme will do much better. His pro day 40 time was 4.43 which is plenty fast in this league. His lack of experience in running routes comes with just starting,those 4 games he played were the equivalent of the beginning of a rookie's career. Yes, the reason why Kris Durham has such a strong cult following was because of that awesome catch and yes the only reason why he played was because everyone else was injured or in jail. But how many Cinderella stories have we come across and the Lions are always the ultimate underdogs so he fits like a glove. His height, athleticism and connection with Stafford could be the difference in close games. He would cause major discrepancies in coverage and at the worst open up more space for Calvin. We have a need at a #2 Wideout for help in the Redzone, to take pressure off of Calvin and unlike Pettigrew hold onto the Ball. With the loss of Titus Young and Broyles and Burleson being injury prone/old we could definitely use a young, talented, tall and athletic Wideout. I'm not saying he'll be a star, Hell I'm not even saying that he'll make the team just that he has talent that we need.
Stats 6'6, 216 lbs, and ran a 4.43 (pro day time, who knows how fast he actually ran, we'll just go with it)



Just a reminder how awesome he is. Even if he gets like three or four of these a year that's still quite good.

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