What did you gather from the Lions' first Pre-Season game?

How exciting was that? A Lions win for the first time in months lol. Ziggy with the pick 6! Defensive line plays all game. Willis! Rugland & Martin with the big boots! It was fun to watch.

I'll give you all a quick run down of what I noticed throughout the game. Feel free to let me know if you agree, disagree, and your own observations. Here we go:

  • The offensive line was giving Stafford enough time to throw early. That's a good thing. But I have some negative things to say about them later
  • Reggie Bush gave us a taser's worth of electricity with that hurdling of a defender on his first run. Looks like we made a good pick up.
  • Even though the O-line gave Stafford time, Reiff's & Fox's pass blocking technique was pretty bad. There was virtually no kick stepping and they were leaning/reaching into their blocks. Now that may work 1st qtr against a Jets team, who's DEs were displaying bad technique too, but it's going to be a problem throughout the course of regular season games against good teams with good DEs & LBs. I'm hoping they'll clean it up before the last pre-season game, other wise Stafford is in for some real trouble this year.
  • Megatron looked great of course, but our 2nd string WRs have gotta get better. Though, throwing a fade or go route to Patrick Edwards vs Dee Milliner (a guy who is probably just as fast as Edwards and taller) probably isn't the best idea. Edwards is my guy though so I expect him to make some catches next game. He had a good punt return too, which had a bogus penalty called on a legit block.
  • Ansah and that defensive line!! Oh boy! Jason Jones started things off getting deep into the back field on the first 3rd down of the night. Then Willie Young did the same thing on a great move & forced Sanchez to throw that pick to Ziggy. And who was that, Peterman, tackling Suh to the ground because he couldn't handle him? haha!
  • Palmer looked better than Whitehead for sure. Bentley got burnt bad. But how about Glover Quin, he was looking great. Our vanilla-package defense didn't really seem to help our 2nd unit LBs & DBs though. They've gotta get their scheme knowledge up before next week.
  • Devin Taylor with the sack-fumble later. I see good things in his future. Ronnell Lewis even got in there and recovered the ball. ALL of our back up DTs look great.
  • Willis, Durham, Thomas, & Austin looked like they've improved. So the 3rd string/4th string/practice squad WRs looked good.
  • Shaun Hill was having fun while being competitive. He's always had that fire. And continues to show he's one of the very best backup QBs in the league.
  • Some people didn't really like Kellen Moore, but I thought he had a decent game. His arm didn't look horrible. He did what he was supposed to do.
  • Scheffler looked good. Big Joe Fauria had a catch too, but the Lions have gotta get them some red-zone targets this preseason so we can see who's better for sure.

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