Pro Football Focus Game Analysis of Lions vs Jets, Pre-Season Week 1 - Reily Reiff fans will not be happy!!

Here's the link the to the PFF Game Analysis of the Lions vs the Jets. I'd say their assessment was pretty spot on except one detail they missed on Ansah. A few things to point out, in case you don't feel like clicking on the article. I'll start with the bad:

Riley Reiff had a decent year as a rookie in limited playing time, but had negative grades in the two games he played the most. Now he takes over at left tackle for the retired Jeff Backus. His performance was concerning as he allowed a sack, a hurry, and was called for a holding penalty in just 21 snaps. His -1.9 grade was the worst on the Lions offensive line. If the Lions continue to pass as much as last year, Reiff will need to be more consistent in pass protection. At the other tackle position, Jason Fox and Corey Hilliard are in a battle for the starting spot. Hilliard started the first series, but alternated drives after that. Fox (+1.6), who outperformed Hilliard (-1.2), could have the advantage at this point.

So apparently Riley Reiff has done well playing our blocking TE but he's really struggled playing LT last year & this year. I'm getting nervous as hell about that, because we may have to make a trade to improve our OT situation this year if this persists. This is not the way to start the season off. Reiff has really got to improve his technique if he's going to be on Staff's blindside.

I didn't really look at Hilliard yesterday, but apparently he was pretty bad as well. As I noted in other posts, Jason Fox held his man off, but his technique looked bad. I have a feeling that will show up with negative results next game if he doesn't work on his form too. For now, Fox may be our only serviceable OT for the year though.

In other news:

  • Apparently, Willie Young had a GREAT game Friday. He's got the highest rating for any DE or rushing OLB I've seen on PFF so far for week 1 of the preseason.
  • But, Matt Willis got their "game ball" honor due to the degree of difficulty on his catches. He might be the current favorite for our No. 5 WR, while Patrick Edwards is leading for the No. 4 WR.
  • PFF seemed to side with our buddy Reno09 on Ansah's lack of pass rush so far, but they forgot to note that Ansah's tackle was a TFL. So, I feel good, haha.

Let me know what you all think of Reily Reiff and Willie Young down below.

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