Matthew Stafford Breakdown vs Jets

First things first, this was only the first preseason game of the year. It is very hard to judge how much Matthew Stafford has improved from just seeing him play in two series; however, there were some positives and negatives about his overall play.


Megatron- Matthew Stafford was in sync with his favorite target, Calvin Johnson. These two haven't missed a beat from last year.

Reggie Bush- Though Stafford did not complete a pass to him, having Reggie Bush has given Stafford another weapon to work with. Defenses cannot always double and/or triple team Calvin Johnson with Reggie coming out of the backfield or being in the slot. The Jets corner actually sat on Bush's route to allow Calvin to go over the top against a single safety. Stafford hardly saw that at all last year.


Run Game- Now this is not Stafford's fault but it is his problem. It does not seem like Stafford can line up under center and have a successful run play. Bush had 2 rushes for -1 yard when Stafford was under center. This needs to improve before the regular season begins.

Other players involvement- Stafford went 3 for 8 in his two series he played. All three of his completions were to Calvin Johnson. This is great news for fantasy football players, it is not so great for the rest of our offense. Stafford overthrew both out routes to the slot receivers (one being Bush on the first drive, the other Scheffler on the second drive). These are both plays that if caught, would have been first downs and extended the drives. He tried to throw a jump ball to Patrick Edwards (5'9") over Dee Milliner (6'1"). The only incomplete pass that was not a bad pass was his check down to Bush that was tipped at the line. We need to see Stafford involve and sync with more weapons on this offense.

No End Zone- This has been a problem with Matthew Stafford that has carried over from last year. There has a big problem with not being able to find the end zone at the start of the games. A team cannot win with field goals anymore.

This was a very small sample to go off of. I hope against the Browns that Stafford gets other players involved and be able to find the end zone against a weaker secondary.

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