PoD IDP Keeper FFL Reborn!


It seems we're back in business with our original PoD IDP Keeper league. This means we wont be doing this ESPN league.

I forwarded the info for all wait list people to Smurf for consideration to fill the holes in this league.

So that's that. Thanks for all the interest in this league for what it was. See ya back in the original.

*********** ignore the stuff below********************

Unfortunately the current IDP league is pretty much disintegrating now it seems. Since there was only one commissioner and he's gone MIA there isn't anything we can do about saving it. So what to do, what to do, give up? HELL NO!

So what I did is made a whole new league! Since I hate Yahoo FFL tho I made it on ESPN. All scoring rules are the same, but I changed the roster to add in 1 D player (any position). To give maximum time to round up the players and fill open spots as needed I set the draft at 9/3 7pm EDT. Any rules, procedures or whatever are open to discussion but we'll have to act fast on such things. If we can get this thing going I'd like to have 1-2 co-commissioners to help run things, keep an eye on things, or keep the league going should I flake out and not show up in the future.... I can restore keepers to the league as well. I figure that if we can round up enough of the past managers and they want to do so that's how we'll do this. We can have new managers take over for the direct team then. I could then set the draft in reverse order to last years results.

We'll have to handle admission like this:

• First priority is to members from the former league. I've sent out an email to all managers still in league or who had an email addy I could access from the last years result. I would appreciate it if you speak out here too to get the conversation rolling

• PoD members who have had an account and somewhat active for at least a year

• Anyone else

What I'd like to do is get everyone signed up ASAP. If you weren't in the league but are interested also please do speak up now and we'll put you on the wait list. I'd like to keep a wait list rolling for this now and in the future so we can fill in spots for anyone who quits or just goes MIA.

So who's in?

To get in on this please comment below AND send me an email at:

my user name (without the space)







Returning members = 6

Ee Oulo, cram, shankdiddy, hobs, Wyndstorm, jimoska

Wait List = 5

(in this order) lead hunter, detroit_fan, Reno09, Lions4TW, WalterM

current unclaimed spots = up to 3 open spots! Please sign up for the wait list even if there isn't any spots left. We'll be keeping a rolling wait list for this season and beyond. If you don't get in now you might get in mid season or next season, or whenever.

it's time to step up folks!!

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