Joshsun is ...... Will McAvoy

With Jeff Daniels at practice today I thought it would be fun to take one the best speeches from his show "The Newsroom" and give it a little POD twist. For fans of the show you will get the reference, for those who do not watch, the clip will follow.

We set our scene at a Q&A session where members step up to the mic and ask questions. On our panel to the left we have DrewsLion, on the right we have NateD and in the middle we have Joshsun. Sean Yuille is at the desk moderating.

Next up is a fresh face newcomer to the pride who asks: "Why are the Detroit Lions the greatest team in the NFL?"

DrewsLion: "Matthew Stafford and Calvin Johnson"

NateD: "The front office rebuilding a team from 0-16"

Joshsun: "What these guys said"

Sean Yuille: "I'm gonna hold you to an answer"

Reluctantly, Joshun: "It's not. The Detroit Lions are not the greatest team in the NFL. That's my answer."

Sean Yuille: "Ok, lets talk about..."

Joshsun: "Fine, Nate you are really going to tell me this front office has done a great job? The problem is Gym Shortz. You know why people don't like Schwartz? Because he loses, If Jim Schwartz is so fucking smart how come he loses so goddamn always?"

NateD: Hey

Joshsun: "And with a straight face Drew you're going to tell me we are the only ones in the NFL with a great quarterback and wide reciever? Denver has a great combo, Green Bay has a great combo, Dallas, Chicago, Carolina, New Orleans, Indy....has a great combo. There's 32 teams in the NFL and like 15 of them have a great combo."

DrewsLions: "Alright"

Joshsun: "And you, new guy, just in case you watch a Lions game someday, there are some things you should know. And one of them is that there is absolutly no evidence to support the statement that the Lions are the greatest team in the NFL. We were 17th in points, 27th in defense, 8th in 3rd down conversions, 20th in sacks, 23rd in interceptions and 24th on forced fumbles." "We lead the league in only three categories last year, number of passes attempted, number of passes dropped, and extra point percentage, where we share the precentage with 27 other teams, because how hard is it to kick the ball 20 goddamn yards. Now none of this is the fault of a newomer to POD but you root for one of the worst period teams period ever period. So when you ask me what makes the Lions the greatest team in the NFL, I don't know what the fuck you're talking about. Ford Field?"

Joshsun: "We used to be great, and we could be again."

Enjoy Pride. The year has just begun.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Pride Of Detroit or its writers.

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