Rectifying the Receiver Situation

I predict the Lions will somewhat drastically shake up the receiver position - soon.

I feel a rather big-time FA signing or trade is in the works.

Burleson is 32 and has lost a step - I know this is a mouthful - but - I think he is done. The falloff in performance for NFL players once they get to that age is often dramatic. He possibly might be good to keep around as a savvy vet 4WR possession-type, however, I am becoming convinced that we cannot envision him as part of the " solution " for even this upcoming season anymore.

Edwards, I think is a failed experiment. You want to give a guy like that chance, because you never know, guys like him could turn out to be the next Victor Cruz. However, in two camps/preseasons now, the guy just simply isn't making plays. He also seems somewhat tentative and lost out there. His "practice-shorts" ability just has not translated to anything come game time. I think at this point the Lions have given him more than enough of a chance.

Durham, has height and hands - and yet has not stepped up at all.

Schilens, is a complete mystery at this point. He has tape out there showing that he could be part of the " solution ". Again though, he is right now lost in the shuffle and has made zero plays. He can't even seem to get on the field for preseason reps.

Willis: I think Willis has stepped up enough to pencil him in for a spot on the 53. Again however, I think the Lions would be foolish to risk the potential of the offense by counting on him for a major contribution. I see him more as like a 4WR.

Broyles: Good player. Again though. He is more like a chains-moving 3WR.

We need a legit complement to C J. Stafford needs this. The FO wont let much more time go by after having invested what they have in Stafford, to not provide him with another legit target.

Something is bound to happen.


Meanwhile Stafford needs to start " throwing into open baby carriages " in practice drills. Meaning . . . he just has to start doing something, anything, that will improve his touch on the shorter throws.

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