Detroit Lions roster by number and position


A guide to the Detroit Lions roster for Friday's game against the New York Jets.

By the time we get to the fourth quarter of the Detroit Lions' preseason game against the New York Jets on Friday, there will be a lot of players on the field that most fans probably aren't too familiar with. In order to make sure you can quickly figure out who is on the field, I put together a Lions roster by number and a Lions roster by position. Check it out:

Lions roster by number

# Name Pos.
# Name Pos.
# Name Pos.
1 Cody Wilson WR
35 Joique Bell RB
66 LaAdrian Waddle OT
2 David Akers K
36 Jonte Green CB
67 Rob Sims OG
3 Havard Rugland K
38 DeQuan Menzie CB
68 Braylon Broughton DE
5 Thaddeus Lewis QB
39 Brandon King CB
69 Xavier Proctor DT
6 Sam Martin P
40 Steven Miller RB
70 Jason Fox OT
8 Blake Clingan P
41 Adrian Moten LB
71 Riley Reiff OT
9 Matthew Stafford QB
41 Theo Riddick RB
72 Austin Holtz OT
10 Corey Fuller WR
42 Amari Spievey S
73 Derek Hardman OT
12 Matt Willis WR
43 Chris Hope S
74 Rodney Austin OG
13 Nate Burleson WR
44 Trevor Coston S
75 Larry Warford OG
14 Shaun Hill QB
45 Shaun Chapas FB
77 Israel Idonije DE
15 Micheal Spurlock WR
46 D.J. Johnson CB
78 Corey Hilliard OT
16 Terrence Austin WR
47 Joseph Fauria TE
79 Willie Young DE
17 Kellen Moore QB
47 Martavius Neloms S
80 Mike Thomas WR
18 Kris Durham WR
48 Don Muhlbach LS
81 Calvin Johnson WR
19 Chaz Schilens WR
49 Jon Morgan LB
82 Matt Veldman TE
21 Reggie Bush RB
50 Travis Lewis LB
83 Patrick Edwards WR
23 Chris Houston CB
51 Dominic Raiola C
84 Ryan Broyles WR
24 Tyrell Johnson S
52 Carmen Messina LB
85 Tony Scheffler TE
25 Mikel Leshoure RB
53 Cory Greenwood LB
87 Brandon Pettigrew TE
26 Louis Delmas S
54 DeAndre Levy LB
89 Michael Williams TE
27 Glover Quin S
55 Stephen Tulloch LB
90 Ndamukong Suh DT
28 Bill Bentley CB
57 Brandon Hepburn LB
91 Jason Jones DE
29 John Wendling S
58 Ashlee Palmer LB
92 Devin Taylor DE
30 Darius Slay CB
59 Tahir Whitehead LB
94 Ziggy Ansah DE
31 Ron Bartell CB
60 Jake Scott OG
95 Ogemdi Nwagbuo DT
32 Don Carey S
62 Darren Keyton OG
96 Andre Fluellen DT
33 Chris Greenwood CB
63 Jimmy Saddler-McQueen DT
97 Ronnell Lewis DE
34 Montell Owens RB
64 Leroy Harris C
98 Nick Fairley DT
34 Ross Weaver CB
65 Dylan Gandy OG
99 C.J. Mosley DT

Lions roster by position

Quarterback Running back Wide receiver
9 Matthew Stafford 21 Reggie Bush 81 Calvin Johnson 12 Matt Willis
14 Shaun Hill 25 Mikel Leshoure 13 Nate Burleson 15 Micheal Spurlock
17 Kellen Moore 35 Joique Bell 84 Ryan Broyles 19 Chaz Schilens
5 Thaddeus Lewis 34 Montell Owens 83 Patrick Edwards 16 Terrence Austin

41 Theo Riddick 18 Kris Durham 10 Corey Fuller

45 Shaun Chapas 80 Mike Thomas 1 Cody Wilson

40 Steven Miller

Tight end Offensive tackle Offensive guard Center
87 Brandon Pettigrew 71 Riley Reiff 67 Rob Sims 51 Dominic Raiola
85 Tony Scheffler 70 Jason Fox 65 Dylan Gandy 64 Leroy Harris
89 Michael Williams 78 Corey Hilliard 74 Rodney Austin

47 Joseph Fauria 66 LaAdrian Waddle 60 Jake Scott

82 Matt Veldman 72 Austin Holtz 75 Larry Warford

73 Derek Hardman 62 Darren Keyton

Defensive end Defensive tackle Linebacker
94 Ziggy Ansah 90 Ndamukong Suh 58 Ashlee Palmer 53 Cory Greenwood
91 Jason Jones 98 Nick Fairley 55 Stephen Tulloch 49 Jon Morgan
77 Israel Idonije 99 C.J. Mosley 54 DeAndre Levy 52 Carmen Messina
79 Willie Young 63 Jimmy Saddler-McQueen 59 Tahir Whitehead 57 Brandon Hepburn
92 Devin Taylor 96 Andre Fluellen 50 Travis Lewis 41 Adrian Moten
97 Ronnell Lewis 95 Ogemdi Nwagbuo

68 Braylon Broughton 69 Xavier Proctor

Cornerback Safety
23 Chris Houston 33 Chris Greenwood 26 Louis Delmas 29 John Wendling
31 Ron Bartell 46 D.J. Johnson 27 Glover Quin 47 Martavius Neloms
28 Bill Bentley 34 Ross Weaver 32 Don Carey 24 Tyrell Johnson
30 Darius Slay 38 DeQuan Menzie 42 Amari Spievey 44 Trevor Coston
36 Jonte Green 39 Brandon King 43 Chris Hope

Kicker Punter Long snapper

2 David Akers 6 Sam Martin 48 Don Muhlbach

3 Havard Rugland 8 Blake Clingan

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