Big Willie Style, Willie Young Got Jiggy With it

With Suh being so dirty you have to watch dominatrix porn to get clean and any time left being (fairly) given to Reggie Bush, a very important someone got overlooked from this past game. Why Mr.August himself decided to grace us with his presence in September! A Willie Young citing not in the preseason is almost as rare as a ManBearPig. Willie Young had a hell of a day everyone and here's some pictures to prove it!

Lets start with some stats! According to ESPN Big Willie had 3 tackles and one stuff. Pro Football Focus had Willie graded out as the Lions best Defensive player for Sundays game against the Vikings coming in with a 5.5 score, 2.5 for run D and 2.9 for pass D. They also credited him with 1 QB hit, 3 QB hurries, and 2 stops. All in all about the best you can hope for from a Dlineman who did not get a sack but a picture is worth a thousand words and here are 12 of them for Willie's big day!

This was the second play from scrimmage and while it was not Willie Young's most exciting play it is the one that showed the biggest difference between him and Avril. In this play Willie is to the weak side of the formation (bottom of your screen) and is not blocked because the run is going away from him. In this case he keeps good contain and forces AP back into the center of the field.

The very next play Willie has one of the more awkward spin moves I have ever seen in an attempt to split the double team. He gets so deep into the pocket though, that not only does he cause Ponder to run, but also draws the centers attention leaving every other player on the Dline one on one. Which is pretty impressive sense Fairley and Suh are out there.

In this picture he once again does a wonderful job of setting the edge and forcing the play back to the middle and right into a sprinting Levy who is making a great play himself.

This play was taken away do to penalty but that does not change the fact that Young was actually pressuring Ponder with a good outside-inside move and finishing by powering through an extra blocker. Ponder probably was just doing Ponder things, but on this play Young still looked good.

At first his play does not look like much but this is actually Willie Youngs one QB hit. He was able to pull a "Cameron Wake" and duck down under Kalil and grab Ponders as he was throwing and cork screw him into the ground. It was a great play against a great offensive tackle. It was the sort of play that against a guy who is not as athletic as Kalil probably would have been a quick sack.

Here is Tulloch's interception where Young forces Ponder out the pocket and allows Suh to come and get some arm on arm contact. Both Suh and Tully were good this play but it all started with Willie Young, with a big assist for Squander Ponder by backing up to far and not stepping up into the pocket, of course.

This play was one the most interesting of the whole day. Ponder is in trouble and does his little "Oh shit, what are you thinking" flip pass to AP. What is even more interesting is what Young does on the play. Watch him, he drops back into coverage and if I had a better Gif you could see that he actually has pretty good coverage on Greg Jennings.

This play is a little hard to track Young on, in large part due to the crappy quality of my gifs (by the way does anyone know how to make these better quality?) but he starts on the right side (top of the screen) and does a stunt with Fairley. Then scrapes down the line. Finally cloging the running lane and makes a good take down of Peterson. Normally this would be a very dangerous play, leaving the cut back lane wide open but sense Fairley is stunting and setting the edge Willie Young is free to pursue down the line.

This is an exciting play because it is once again Willie Young pulling off a "Cameron Wake" duck move to beat, who I thought was Kalil but was actually Gebhart. The duck down move is an incredibly difficult move to not get pushed onto your face while doing and the fact that he did it well twice is really promising.

Not to sound like a broken record but Willie Young just continued to set the edge well. In this play he was not able to force Peterson back into the middle but delayed him enough that he had to start running East-West and was taken down by Mathis.

This was the start of the two minute drill and we can see that the Vikings were really worried about our DTs because they shifted coverage that way and left AP with Willie Young. Now AP is a good player and a pretty good blocker as a RB, not to mention strong as an Ox, but Young blew through him like he was not even there this play. The rest of the line was also sitting in Ponder's lap though so a good team effort.

And to finish up the Willie Young Marathon we get him doing another inside move not even allowing Kalil to get his hand on him and pressure Ponder into scrambling and a over throw.

All in all it was a great day for Young that really deserved some ink. He spent most the game switching drive by drive almost with Ansah, who also played well, but boy did Young have a showing. I think going against Levi Brown who was beaten repeatedly by Quinn on outside speed rushes this past week we will see him actually get some sacks instead of just the pressures he was limited to this week. Actually I could see Young having better numbers but a worse game this week because the vertical offense of the Cardinals will give him more time to hit the QB but Carson Palmer will actually step up into the pocket. Unfortunately for him that will be exactly where an very angry Suh will be waiting.

With all that I will leave you with what you really wanted a Will Smith "Getting Jiggy with it" link from his album Big Willie Sytle!

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