The Unconsidered Option at Wide Receiver

While the rumors abound regarding how best to replace Nate Burleson, allow me to give you my own personal take on the six most popular names I have heard tossed around, and allow me to make a case for a darkhorse candidate.

Josh Gordon : Cleveland Browns - Amazing talent, amazing speed, amazing red flags. I wouldn't hesitate to pull the trigger on him........for a fourth round pick or lower that is. He's probably one "random" test away from a year long suspension, and something tells me it's not a matter of if, but when, with Gordon.

Kenny Britt : Tennessee Titans - Britt is another headcase, but should be motivated by a contract year. Has not been productive this year, and seems to be getting squeezed out of the Titans plans, worth a day 3 pick and no more imo.

Greg Little : Cleveland Browns - I'm not sure why his name has even come up, but it has. He's fast, he's powerful, too bad he can't catch. That's something rather important for a wide receiver. He makes Pettigrew look like Steve Largent. The only way I would pull the trigger on a trade for him would be if the Browns were sending compensation to us.

Brandon Lloyd : Free Agent - I think Lloyd makes sense on a lot of levels. Personally, I hope they bring him in for a workout and a physical. He's not fast, and he's not flashy, but at least the guy can catch. He would be my option #2 to my darkhorse candidate.

Matt Willis : Free Agent - I like Willis, but really he is most suited to playing the slot role, not Burleson's role. IMO, this is the role Broyles is most suited for as well. I know receivers are capable of doing anything, but I also believe they are best suited for the roles their skillset dictates.

Titus Young : Free Agent - I am not joking when I say that two of my friends actually brought his name up. If you are a parent, please teach your kids to just say No to drugs. Nuf said.

This brings us to my darkhorse candidate. He is fast, he can catch the ball. You know him. I put forth for your consideration free agent WR Randy Moss. Now a consideration with Moss would be contingent on one thing - can he still run explosively? Many people may look at last year as the final nail in the coffin for Moss, but I would counter that Moss hasn't had a QB of the caliber of Matt Stafford since playing with Tom Brady. Favre's arm strength wasn't what it used to be, Tennessee never really used him, and anyone who looks at his numbers with QB Alex Smith has only to look at Dwayne Bowe to see how Captain Checkdown Alex Smith is with throwing downfield. Either way, I think he's worth a look. It wouldn't be the first time a receiver turned announcer got the the midseason call and climbed out of the booth and on to the field. Chris Carter came out of his retirement for the Miami Dolphins. Once again though, weak QB. Stafford is a world class NFL QB, and it may just be enough to give Moss one more season in the sun, and perhaps, give the Lions the most lethal offense seen, since Moss himself was paired with Chris Carter in Minnesota.

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