The Lions Draft a WR in This Year's Draft.

It seems fairly apparent, unless a move is made before the deadline, that the Lions need a true #2 WR. The NFL Draft is where I see this addition coming from. I thought I'd take a few minutes here to mention some of the WRs that will be available come April.

There ought to be a lot of attractive options available in this draft, but I think the important thing to watch as the draft approaches, is where these WRs are expected to go. I would imagine the 3 WRs I would most like the Lions to make a move on will be off the board when the Lions draft somewhere between 15 and 25. However, a lot is still left to play out. Maybe the Lions end up with 6 wins. Maybe WR isn't a focal point of this draft, much like last year, where the 1st round was mostly OL.

So, without any further ado, here is my list of WRs we should be monitoring in the coming months, and the few WRs the Lions should have on their draft board:

Allen Robinson: The 6-3, 210 lb. Penn St. product is a Southfield, Michigan native with 448 yards on 26 receptions. Last year he finished with 1,018 yards and 11 TDs. He's a junior whose stock is rising.

Marqise Lee: The 6-0, 195 lb. USC star WR just injured his knee last night, so we'll see how that unfolds, but he's coming off of a 1,721 yard, 14 TD season. That's ridiculous.

Mike Evans: The 6-5, 225 lb. Texas A&M sophomore may be better suited as a WR1, and shoot, he may not even come out this year, but his skill set is impressive. Anyone who watched Manziel throw up prayer after prayer to Evans against Alabama knows that this is a man playing among boys. Evans already has almost 700 yards receiving on the season.

Now here are the 3 WRs I think the Lions need to bite on. If the Lions can land one of these 3, we should be extremely excited for next year.

Jordan Matthews: Matthews is a 6-3, 206 lb. WR from Vanderbilt that has been impressive this season, but should put up all-time numbers for his career at Vandy. He's another receiver who will likely be viewed as a WR1, like Evans. He has 40 receptions through 5 games this season, and may finish his college career with 3,500 receiving yards and 25+ TDs. Imagine him lined up opposite Megatron.

Davante Adams: The 6-2, 212 lb. sophomore is on my list because his freshman season was absurd, catching 102 balls for 1,312 yards and 14 touchdowns. Currently, Adams may not even be the most productive receiver on his roster, but if he enters the draft this year, we could get him at a really good spot.

Sammy Watkins: This 6-1, 205 lb. Clemson product's numbers may have fallen off from his freshman breakout season 2 years ago, but there's no denying his talent. A speed receiver who can stretch the field opposite Calvin would be huge. And still, this is a WR with 164 receptions, 2,282 yards, and 17 TDs less than halfway through his junior season.

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