Hangin with a Norseman

Hello Pride of Detroit and welcome back to FOOTBALL!!!! Hell yes, was a looooong off season but finally it's back that sweet mana from the Gods, football. Well, some of you will know me as the guy who had about 700 rec'd responses on his last Hanging with a Norseman thread, but honestly let's try and keep that behind us..

So great news for both of our teams. We both made serious off season moves this year and I have to say I think both of our teams are better for it. As this is a post to help us know a bit more about each team and talk some smack if necessary (Lions stink! Vikings are soooo much better..) let's start off with things we think we know about this upcoming match up. First I think both teams have a chance to pull the W out here, it's certainly helps we're walking into your yard which always makes it a tough call. However, since it still the beginning of the season our secondary is still injury free (that will change by game four I'm sure). While our secondary is one of the youngest in the league it is made up of a bunch of first and second round draft picks all of whom could be very good for us this year (yeah there's a flip side but I don't wnat to think about the mistakes that could happen). I think our line backers will be solid this year and our front four will be stout as ever. Even without K Will I think Floyd will get his own this game.

On offense we still have AD (thank you GOD!) we still have Ponder (WHY GOD!?) but we also have some receivers who actually know what a route looks like in Jennings (You know him), Patterson (Another first round rook), Simpson and Wright. While I don't think that is enough to strike fear into any team, time will tell if that group (QB and WR) will work out this season or if the Ponder days are coming to a close.

Then we have the mighty under achieving Lions. I think the most amazing thing about this team is how the pundits look at you. I have seen people say you'll be 4-12 or the sole team making the play offs out of the NFC north. Personally I think you'll fall some where in the middle (I hate to say it but the Packers will probably make the play offs). To me it seems like your defense got completely reworked. Is that how it feels to you as well? What do you think was the most important off season move you all made? What do you think was the worst? How do you think you're running game is going to go? (I personally think Bush will be more of a pass catcher than a runner). We all know Staff has a cannon and Megatron is well, Megatron but how about your other receivers? Anyone step it up in camp? Burleson is like 90 and Pettigrew seems to never have over come his dropsies. Do you all think Suh has finally gotten over his bad boy image? Hell do you think the NFL can ever get over it? It's not like the guy is the second coming of Romanowski or anything.

Well please feel free to ask anything you want about the Vikes, if I can't answer it I'm sure one of the many many crazy %#$@%@ at DN will come over and answer if for me. By the way don't trust anything Abba or DCPurple say about me. Good luck and here's to no injuries.

Prediction for the game Lions 21-Vikes 24



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