Mike Holmgren to Detroit?

After a rather unproductive front office stint with the Browns, Mike Holmgren has reportedly expressed an interest in coaching again. His career record is impressive at 272-161. Over 17 years as head coach with the Packers and Seahawks he had only 3 losing seasons.

He's got the ring, and came damn close to a second. Maybe he has something to prove after his disappointing stop in Cleveland.

There are reports he expressed interest in coaching the Cowboys should there be an opening, which (at least at this point in time) there isn't. Certainly Detroit would seem to be at least...and probably better...destination than Dallas.

He's got a history of success producing Pro Bowl and Super Bowl QB's (Favre & Hasselback.) His teams featured high powered offenses that relied on establishing the run to open up a pass-happy attack. Bush-Bell; Stafford-Megatron anyone?

Defensively, he's a 4-3 guy who would surely ditch the much criticized "Wide 9" while meshing with Detroit's existing players.

Add to all that the fact that the Holmgren is credited with cleaning up Seattle player's penalty problems when he took control of the team. Holmgren has been quoted as saying that worrying about bad penalties is what keeps him up at night. He might not sleep for a long time if he came to Detroit.

Potential problems? Having had total control in Seattle (HC & GM) and as Brown's President, would he want to go back to being "only" a head coach? Considering his apparent interest in Dallas, where he knows Gerry Jones is calling all the personnel shots, it seems likely.

One potential knock comes from (possibly disgruntled) Cleveland fans and media who claim he's lost the fire in his belly. Too often coming in to the office late and leaving early, taking too many days off. Certainly, stuff like this wouldn't fly in any head coaching role and would be the worst possible example to set in Detroit.

He's been out of coaching since 2008. Is he too out of date and rusty in today's NFL? Certainly some would argue he is. Consider however that Gruden's been out since 2008 as has Tony Dungy. Brian Billick hasn't been a HC since 2007. Obviously there's no lack of calls for Gruden, Dungy and/or Billick regardless of their length of absence from the sidelines.

Holmgren seems to have all the qualifications, credibility and mindset that fits well with the Lions' current needs and personnel. Given all that, why is so quiet on the Holmgren to Detroit rumor mill?

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