Detroit Lion's Draft Scenarios


Round 1: Trade up a couple spots to get Sammy Watkins Wide Receiver Clemson - The lions definitely need a #2 WR across from Calvin. Sammy Watkins is a explosive receiver that could be a great addition to the lions receivers and roster. Although history of early round receivers haven't worked out with the exception of Johnson which was a home run. Trading up to get the explosive could be costly.

Round 2: Kyle Van Noy Outside Linebacker BYU - A great OLB from BYU if he is there in the second round and they haven't picked up a OLB in the 1st I think Kyle Van Noy would look great in a lions jersey. Although not the top OLB I think he is a good one. With our only OLB of starting caliber being DeAundre Levy I think this should be a early round position. Also depending on our Defensive Coordinators scheme ( Teryl Austin )

Alternate pick: Ryan Shazier OLB OSU if available

Round 3: Traded away from first round trade up

Round 4: Bryan Stork - C FSU - with Dominic most likely to be in Detroit for this year before retirement it would be very wise to get a new center with time to develop for when Dom leaves. With so much depth at center there are many other options such as Gabe Ikard from Oklahoma


Round 1: Khalil Mack OLB Buffalo - Khalil Mack is a pretty good OLB from Buffalo. Although thought to be over hyped by some I believe Khalil Mack could be a great OLB. Depending on what Austin does scheme Khalil Mack could be a great help on the lions D or a terrible one. If he doesn't fit the bill and Anthony Barr is available take him or even CJ Mosly . Which ever OLB fits Austin's scheme best I say take them ( if sammy watkins is unavailable )

Round 2: Odell Beckham JR. WR LSU - If the lions do go for a OLB in the first and beckham jr. Is still available I would take him in a second. At 6"0 he isn't the average detroit lions receiver height but with his decent speed and ability I think he could be great.

Alternatives #1 Allen Robinson #2 Brandin Cooks #3 Jordan Matthews

Round 3 : Stanley Jean-Baptiste CB Nebraska - At 6"3 215 pounds he had good size with a quick speed with a 4.56 40 he reminds me of a Cornerback Calvin Johnson with great speed and height. Although he has a impressive frame, size, and quickness he is raw and needs to be developed.

Alternates: #1 Terrance Mitchell #2 Jaylen Watkins ( can't get sammy might as well get his brother right )

Round 4: Bryan Stork C FSU - If we could get him 4th round I 'd be happy

Alternates: #1 Tyler Larson #2 Gabe Ikard


Round 1: Trade down to end of first 16-28

Kelvin Benjamin WR FSU - A great receiver with speed and jumping ability. Major problem is concern with drops which I hope is just because of well I don't have a excuse but hopefully it's not a problem. Overall a good late round WR who could be worth it.

Alternates: #1 Odell Beckham Jr. #2 Allen Robinson #3 Jordan Matthews

Round 2a: Kyle Van Noy OLB BYU - again a great second round OLB.

Alternates: #1 Dee Ford #2 Trevor Reilly

Round 2b: Jordan Matthews WR Vanderbilt - At 6'3 209 pounds he had a decent build and impressive speed at 4.55 40. Had a decent pair of hands and could be a very second - third wide receiver depending on how Kelvin Benjamin or the other alternatives worked out. Overall a good second round WR from Vanderbilt.

Round 3: Stanley Jean-Baptiste CB Nebraska - Look above at scenario 2 round 3 same alternatives

Round 4a: Bryan Stork C FSU - Look at others same alternatives

Round 4b: Chris Boswell K Rice - the best kicker in the draft with a strong leg and good accuracy to nail long game winning field goal and after the bad moments David Akers left in our memories it would be very refreshing

tell me how you think I did and tell me which one you would prefer and any changes you would make. Please don't be too harsh this is my first post thanks

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