The Wide Receiver the Lions should get NOT getting a 1st Round grade (Yet!)

I normally do not like doing this, but I mean this in a playful manner, not an accusing tone. (Skip to next paragraph to avoid rant) Why don't you people talk about Donte Moncrief! Y'all need to learn some Wide Receivers before saying we should draft his guy and that guy and not knowing what you all by saying. Instead of just saying the LSU WRs or Evans or Lee or Benjamin or whoever, give the sleeper guys a chance! Here's one, who for whatever reason had gotten overlooked so far this offseason. Please don't exit this Fanpost without seeing why I want to give this guy a chance.

The person of interest in this case is Donte Moncrief, a Wide Receiver from Ole Miss. Right now, for no apparent reasoning he is projected in the THIRD ROUND. Well, here's why I have no idea. Let's take a look at some stats. He's a Junior who didn't play much his freshman year, and as far as I can tell no injuries. Not much wear and tear. Just what we need.

Secondly, he's not from some low line school like Louisiana Monroe or Southern Alabama State. He's from a legit SEC school, who plays solid competition every year. I would expect less stats from somebody going into Death Valley going head to head vs Morris Claiborne as a Sophomore vs somebody walking into Ladd Peebles stadium going up against somebody being triple teamed there by seniors.

So now we get to the point where Evans, Landry, Beckham, etc. Are also big conference, big school guys who were on great teams, etc. Etc. Well that actually goes with my next point. Have any of you fellow amazing bloggers ever heard of Bo Wallace? Yeah, well he was the starting QB in Ole Miss this year. Basically what I'm saying, is how do you expect a WR to go into the Swamp, and pull out a win vs elite corners like Purifoy and Roberson when your QB is Bo Wallace?! Let me just add to that with this, by saying had his QB been Zach Mettenburger instead of Landry or Beckham, we would be having this exact same discussion with Landry or Beckham right now. If Bo Wallace is in A&M and Manziel is on Ole Miss (Which would be kind of funny considering Manziel and Oher would have been going to the same college) People would be saying who the f is Mike Evans? And he would get 2nd-3rd round grades, while this guy would be a consideration to be going 7th to Tampa Bay. Anyways, enough of that, let's get to my profile.

STRENGTHS: His thick frame, deceptive speed and smooth route-running make him a nightmare for cornerbacks. He does not possess the explosive moves of Southern Cal's Marqise Lee or Clemson's Sammy Watkins but might be a better player than either of them. He is sudden in his breaks, showing the ability to generate separation even against tight man coverage, and accelerates quickly, often leaving defenders in his dust on double-moves. He tracks the ball well and generally shows excellent hands (one drop vs. Texas), as well as the body control to make the dazzling grab. He is also cognizant in the running game, showing awareness and toughness as a downfield blocker

WEAKNESSES: Perhaps the only thing standing in his way of becoming the first "skill-position" player from Mississippi to earn a first round draft selection since Eli Manning (No. 1 overall, 2004) is the question about his straight-line speed. He was not caught from behind on tapes viewed but the big-bodied receiver may not possess elite timed speed.

That's according to CBS Sports. There are multiple other outlets who have said similar things. Yet people still haven't mentioned him, in fact I'm the only one to have mentioned his name up to now on this site I believe. If you have, I would like to see your post. Please post a link below. Anyways, I don't know how this guy has slipped 2 rounds because his 40 time is 0.2 seconds slower than Watkins. I can't believe he slipped One round because he didn't have Burger throwing to him.

Here's some Videos for you guys to check out of him. Some of these are from his Sophomore Season (2 seasons ago) and some of them are from his career (All 3 years) but most of them should be this year. You can determine that by when they are published.

Here are some highlights that are combined from his Freshman and Sophomore seasons I believe, but it may be just Sophomore year. At :35 seconds in he makes a nice catch between defenders and outruns 3 pursuers for a nice long TD catch. About :55 seconds in he manages to outrun the corner on a streak and score a touchdown. At 1:05 he makes a nice play to keep at least one foot in bounds for the Touchdown. At 1:18 he shows good movement and route running skills running a near perfect Stop and Go route to come up with a nice catch behind the defender for a touchdown. Then there are a couple of vertical jump displays I talk about in the next highlight set.

Here are some highlights from his Junior season this past year. His play at around 30 seconds is really impressive, and it shows he has some good moves, as he's able to get around the cover corner and speed past the safety for the touchdown. He has an outstanding catch at about the 1 minute mark somehow extending his arms and taking the ball away from the Linebacker who should have had an easy interception on the play, and takes it to the edge at a key point in that game. At around 1 Minute 15 seconds he has a nice play on what appears to be a short throw inside the 1st down marker on 3rd down, and he gets a solid run after the catch staying in bounds running on the edge. At about 1 Minute 30 seconds he has a fantastic play to catch the ball on either a short curl or screen of some sort, and then extend the play using great vision to get through 3 defenders before juking out the final man in his way to a key Touchdown vs Auburn. Then, the next play shown on the Vertical route is how he got to that spot. He comes down with a nice catch on the vertical route, and makes sure to complete the process of the catch and maintain control of the ball throughout the catch. The catch also shows great body control, excellent timing and some good strength keeping himself closer to the ball than White on Auburn, not giving up any positioning and keeping himself in a great position to make that key catch.

Here are some highlights from his Sophomore season. At :25 he makes a very nice juke move on Tharold Simon, the LSU Junior at the time and definitely outruns number 1 whoever that is to get the Terrell Davis. At :43 seconds he has a very impressive vertical jump over Quandre Diggs and outruns Kenny Vaccaro for the Touchdown. Keep in mind Vacarro posted a 4.63 40, so Moncrief should be able to outrun him fairly easily however. At 1:30 he has a very good catch in between 2 defenders and he doesn't get as many YAC's as he does on most plays, but he still manages to come away with the Catch. At 2:12 he displays great vertical ability to make that jump catch between defenders. He also manages to get at least one foot in bounds, as it was ruled a Touchdown.

This isnt a highlight type, its an interview. The kid seemed to answer the questions pretty well, and when he gets asked what he can improve on, he said 2 of his biggest strengths now. This interview just proved more to me why I like the kid.

He had 59 catches for 938 yards and six touchdowns this season. Moncrief's career numbers of 156 catches, 2,371 receiving yards and 20 touchdowns all rank third in school history despite playing mostly in only 2 seasons.

Walter Football currently for whatever reason only has him projected to go at the End of the 3rd Round to the Denver Broncos to replace Eric Decker. Of course, same guy who mocked us Marquise Lee at 10 slot... Charlie Campbell has him going to the Eagles in the Mid-3rd, which doesn't seem to make much sense considering the one thing Moncrief isn't great at (Top-End Speed) is what the Eagles would look for most.

Mark me down for this. Depending on who their QBs are obviously and who's ahead of them on the Depth Charts: Donte Moncrief will have a better year than every Wide Receiver in this draft at one point or another. Including Sammy Watkins if it means injuries and Suspensions. This is not a guarantee, but it is a bold prediction/statement

Mark. Me. Down.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Pride Of Detroit or its writers.

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