Please allow me to introduce the new Lions Head Coach

In case you are wondering, I am also a man of wealth and taste.

As the new head coach, I am making a Coaches Pledge to you, the fans. This team will play hard in every phase of the game for a full 60 minutes in every single game. I personally take responsibility for getting this team to play as a team, and to reach their ultimate potential, no excuses. We will still line up for the national anthem prior to the start of every game, and our men on this team will also understand they are role models for our youth, and conduct themselves in a manner that reflects that on and off the field. This team, and everyone in their employ, will respect our fans at all times. If our on-field product fails to meet your expectations when you have paid your hard-earned money to come see us, we will expect you to be critical, and we will use that as motivation to improve.

I solemnly promise every fan, and in the memory of so many deceased loved ones who were fans, that the same old Lions are no more! That ends here! Today is a new day, and I swear by all I hold dear that this will be a team you can be proud of. The Lion is the king of beasts, and we will play with the hearts of Lions.

I would also like to add, that unlike many who have stood before you before, I'd like to make something clear. This is my dream job. This is the only place that I wanted to coach, and despite the other offers I received, this is where I have wanted to be my whole life. That is the type of commitment I am bringing to this job.

I would like to introduce you to the coaching staff I have assembled. Some people you know, and some will be new to you, but all of them represent some of the finest coaching minds available.

Offensive Coordinator - Norv Turner, yes folks, we'll be in the market for a Fullback this offseason.

QB Coach - Jim Fassel, that's right, back from exile, the same man who cleaned up Kerry Collins enough to make him a Super Bowl QB. Jim has an extensive record of QB improvement under his watch.

WR Coach - George Stewart joins us from the Vikings staff. George is well respected throughout the league, and has been an NFL coach since being hired by Chuck Noll in Pittsburgh at the age of 29. He has had tremendous success with his receivers, with statistically fewer drops, and a better than average rate of completions per target, despite the Vikings shortcomings at QB.

RB Coach - Ernest Byner joins us from the Buccaneers staff, where he got a tremendous amount of production from a wide array of players.

OL Coach - Jeremiah Washburn is being retained as OL Coach after his excellent work with our Line last year.

TE Coach - Jon Embree. Jon joins us from the Brown's staff, here are some of the players Jon has coached in the past - Christian Fauria (All-Big 8), Matt Lepsis (All-Big 8 2nd team), Daniel Graham (2001 John Mackey Award Winner), Marcedes Lewis (2005 John Mackey Award Winner), Tony Gonzalez (Pro Bowl all 3 seasons under Embree with his best 3-year statistical stretch of his career despite entering his 30s), Chris Cooley (39 receptions through 8 games in 2010).

Defensive Coordinator - Pat Narduzzi. Pat joins us from the same position at Michigan State, where he has fielded one of the top defenses in college football for the past two seasons.

Assistant Defensive Coordinator - Wade Phillips. Wade joins us from the Texans staff. He has graciously agreed to come on board for a season in order to help guide Pat, and some of his assistants, regarding some of the nuances of the NFL they may not be familiar with.

Defensive Line/Assistant Head Coach - Mike Waufle. Mike joins us from the Rams staff. His units have consistently displayed superior NFL production and improvements from his predecessors. We are very lucky to have Mike on board with us.

Linebackers Coach - Robb Smith. Robb also joins us from the Buccaneers staff, where he led an extremely productive unit of ballhawking and productive young linebackers.

Assistant Linebackers Coach - Ray Lewis. I'll admit, it took some convincing to get Ray to join us, and some interesting contract negotiations, but I think Ray will play a key part in helping to motivate our defensive players.

Secondary Coach - Harlon Barnett. Harlon also join's us from the Spartans staff, where he helped coach one of the best secondaries in the country, both on the field and statistically. The "No Fly Zone" blanket coverage provided by his players ranks close to the top of the nation, despite many teams passing while playing from behind.

Assistant Secondary Coach - Rod Woodson. We are very pleased to have Rod on our staff, and greatly look forward to his contributions.

Special Teams - John Bonamego. For his excellent work taking over from a very poor Special Teams coach, and his work with Sam Martin, I am pleased to announce that John is being retained.

I'm ready to start taking your questions. I will try to get to all of your questions, but I have a meeting with Martin soon to discuss our personnel evaluations, our projected needs, and get an update from our scouts, so please understand I can only take one question per person. Thank you.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Pride Of Detroit or its writers.

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