Why are Mock Draft "Gurus" NOT HUMAN?!

So, I recently tried to find a good 7 round Mock Draft of 2014 for the Lions from somebody not on this site. I did find a good one on Bleacher Report, but then I came across a specific page.

im going to prevent the knowing of this article or pages identity as for the fact that if I released it publicly the person who wrote this article would be shamed publicly. Here is what this person said: It's Mock Draft season in Detroit, as the Lions have fallen all the way to 10th overall. I believe that this is partially due to the horrible CB play of the Lions (Insert bad stats here) as Mathis was the only good CB on the Lions last year, and he is likely to leave through Free Agency. The lions must get at least one serious upgrade at Corner during the offseason, preferably from the Draft as there are many top talents such as Dennard and Gilbert. If the Lions once again fail to spend a top pick on a CB, the Lions fans should rightfully declare the team dead, as they will return to mediocrity or worse in 2014 and have another poor season resulting in another top 5 pick. The only pick the Lions have spent in the first 2 rounds on a Cornerback that is still playing in the NFL is Darius Slay, who wasn't a starter last year, and rightfully so as he only had one good game last year verse Green Bay. Anyways, I'm just going to skip to the Mock Draft to avoid further embarrassment to the writer of this piece.

10th: Gilbert

2nd round: Matthews

3rd Round: Jaylen Watkins

4th Round: Lynch TE

5th: No Pick

6th: Boswell

7th: Larson or Best Center available

While I agree with Lynch and Boswell, and Watkins if he's a 4th rounder, and I wouldn't mind Matthews either, I can't STAND mockers who give us Gilbert's over-rated booger. Honestly, I'm not a Mock Draft guru, but my family tells me I should or could be, as every year I'm generally closer than the experts, especially on the Lions. Only bad thing I've mentioned in the last few years was I was very disappointed at the Ansah pick. I have that credibility to earn back this year, lol and I hope to do it by saying the Lions would have their worst 1st Round pick since Charles Rogers if we took a CB in the first unless it was a significant trade down (20 something's) and we took Dennard as a BPA pick, as he is the 9th best player this season according to CBS and it also would be a boost to the MSU fans who don't watch the Lions failures hoping that Dennard could help their CB woes we've had since the epic Barmey/LeBeau combo. So, I would like to hear your opinion on MY pre-Combine Mock Draft:

1: Mack/Barr/Clowney whoever of the 3 fall.

2: Robinson, Moncrief, Beckham In that order if they fall.

3: Weston Richburg

4: Jaylen Watkins. If he's gone, Ladler, if he's gone, BPA Safety

5: No Pick

6th: Boswell if he's gone than DT/DE/OG/TE BPA

7th: Price or Best Available QB.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Pride Of Detroit or its writers.

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