Thoughts on Drafting Multiple WRs

Would you guys be opposed to drafting 2 WRs in the first three or four rounds of this years draft? I think top to bottom this draft is the best group of WRs I have ever seen come out at once and I don't see a true #2 or #3 WR on our team. I see WRs projected in the 2nd and 3rd that would normally go at least a round higher in any other year. Also, in some ways, this helps protect us against picking a bust. I just see too much value in terms of need and BPA so I would be all for it.

Who would be the second WR you take?

If you are for taking another WR, who would be the second? Would you go Evans & Matthews in the first and second?

I am personally for only taking Watkins at 10 and trading down or going a different direction if he isn't available. With Watkins going before us, I would pick up Matthews or Robinson in the 2nd. My second WR would be Martavis Bryant in the third. I think Bryant is going to surprise a lot of people with his speed for being such a tall WR. I have heard he keeps up with Watkins and Peake in the 40 yard dashes at Clemson and rumor has it he can put down a 4.3 40. I also think Bryant had an outstanding year considering they were force feeding Watkins especially in the short passing game.

WRs projected in first four rounds:

6 *Sammy Watkins WR 1 Clemson Jr 6-1 205 1
13 *Mike Evans WR 2 Texas A&M rSo 6-5 225 1
15 *Marqise Lee WR 3 Southern California Jr 6-0 195 1
25 *Kelvin Benjamin WR 4 Florida State rSo 6-5 235 1
27 *Odell Beckham Jr. WR 5 LSU Jr 5-11 193 1-2
34 *Allen Robinson WR 6 Penn State Jr 6-3 210 1-2
37 *Brandin Cooks WR 7 Oregon State Jr 5-10 186 1-2
48 Jordan Matthews WR 8 Vanderbilt Sr 6-3 209 2
55 *Jarvis Landry WR 9 LSU Jr 6-0 195 2
58 *Davante Adams WR 10 Fresno State rSo 6-2 216 2
66 *Paul Richardson WR 11 Colorado rJr 6-1 172 2-3
75 *Martavis Bryant WR 12 Clemson Jr 6-5 200 2-3
81 Robert Herron WR 13 Wyoming Sr 5-9 193 2-3
98 Jared Abbrederis WR 14 Wisconsin rSr 6-1 189 3
100 *Donte Moncrief WR 15 Ole Miss Jr 6-2 226 3-4
111 Josh Huff WR 16 Oregon Sr 5-11 211 3-4
114 *Bruce Ellington WR 17 South Carolina rJr 5-9 196 3-4
118 Mike Davis WR 18 Texas Sr 6-0 193 3-4
127 Ryan Grant WR 19 Tulane rSr 6-0 197 4
138 TJ Jones WR 20 Notre Dame Sr 6-0 195 4-5
141 Devin StreetInjured WR 21 Pittsburgh rSr 6-3 195 4-5
147 *Brandon Coleman WR 22 Rutgers rJr 6-5 220 4-5

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