Which Lion do you Love?

With today being Valentines day and all, I though it might be a good idea or at least interesting to introduce the question, of who is your favorite Lion?

This can be all time if you wish, but if you do decide to do all time it may Not be a hall of Famer, so no Barry Sanders, Dick LeBeau or Lem Barney, and it can not be Jason Hanson because every lions fan that would be commenting on a website Loves Jason Hanson and he would get too many votes.

Criteria for this can be anything you want- personal experiences with said player, charity work he's done around your area or anywhere for that matter that you appreciate, or something even like being loyal to the team and sticking it out through our bad times. You can also take the more statistical approach as well obviously and use stats to show why you love said player more than others, but if you do it that, I recommend knowing your records before you do that minus the ones Hanson set.

2 Arguments I would like to leave out of this discussion are salary terms (somebody taking less money to be here isn't a good reason for them to be your favorite player of all time) and because of their position (you can't say you like Stafford because he's a Quarterback) try to think outside of the box with these, and be creative.

For examples sake, and to start off the discussion, I'm going to give a good argument and bad argument on why Calvin Johnson is my favorite Lion.


I personally like Calvin Johnson because to me he embodies what we look for on and off the field from a Lion. He has not had any notable off the field issues since arriving and he has lead the team in receiving yards, touchdowns and receptions since joining the team. Also, he still has a long way to go as well, and could be even better than he already is. Going to the off the field point, he always seems to show respect, and he even said before the season that Larry Fktzgerald was the best Wide Receiver in the NFL. He always seems to be smiling and seems to enjoy being a Detroit Lion, which to me is why I love him.


I like Calvin Johnson. He is very good. He is our best player. He is a wide receiver which is a harder position than some others. He doesn't get in trouble. He was a Millen pick who actually was good. If he wasn't hurt he would be setting records. I love Calvin Johnson

This is bad because first of all there is no specifics. The first one mentions receptions, receiving yards and touchdowns specifically. If I weren't in a rush to post this I would have posted stats as well. The second one also insults Matt Millen. While we all generally dislike him, this is a Love Fanpost, not a dislike one. Finally, the second one is all simple football arguments. Lions should be role models, or at least life normal lives outside of the arena. Once again, I'm in a rush, but if I wasn't I would post charities he's volunteered for, etc. While I understand this can be more difficult for older players such as Bobby Layne era, in players who played before 2000 or so, you don't have to get into specifics as much unless you know them (if so please add!)

Alright, so I hope you all have a Happy Valentines day, to fellow students enjoy your time off whether that be the weekend or 9 days :)

So, with that, I open this post:

Whose YOUR (all-time) Lion?

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Pride Of Detroit or its writers.

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