Possible free agent targets on Defense

Lions are under the cap with the releases of Nate Burelson and Louis Delmas but still need to make cuts/restructures to get money to get bigger named free agents


One of the best if not the best safety's on the free agency. Unless of he gets resigned or franchise tagged again which is a possibility. Him being one of the best safeties on the market his price tag will be high possible to high for our pockets if we want more than one player.

Chances: Unlikely but wanted


Another top tier Free agent safety who has a greater possiblity of being resigned with Cleveland having a lot of cap space. A possibility but wouldn't book it and again could get a little pricey.

Chances: Very Unlikely but would be wanted


A improvement from Delmas and a cheaper price than Delmas with most likely a better proformance. From reading other comments on other posts most people would welcome it such as I would

Chances: Possible for right price


Could be seen as a downgrade by some but I feel we could get a similar if not better proformance for a cheaper price. Though many nagging knee injuries could make it a bad option

Chances: possibly for cheap


Wille Young and Israel Idonije are set to be free agents and if not resigned we could target Defensive end in free agency or draft. He wouldn't be cheap but could make our D-line even better and more expensive which the lions like to do.

Chances: Possible for right price


Earl Mitchell is set to be a free agent but as all do he has a possibility of getting resigned. He could be good for depth considering we only have Suh, Fairley, and C.J Mosely. He could also be taking Fairleys spot as GM Mayhew has said he needs to play more consistent and rearrange his weight. Though Mitchell is considered a NT

Chances: possible but not considered


There has talk that he has been pulling interest of the lions. Good for Depth and shouldn't break the bank being a non- elite DT such as Suh

Chances: Probable and Welcomed


Although we need our current guys to develop but were in a win now mode. Shields wouldn't be cheap but if we do get him we should be able to get someone else.

Chances: Possible


Same as with Sam we need to develop our young guys but we need to win. And also nagging groin injuries could be a big red flag but could still be worth plus lions might not wanna use all the cap available on one person

Chances: Unlikely

Tell me who if any of these guys you would get and with who?

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