Notable Pre-Draft Measurables w/ Scouting Profiles for Some of NFL's Current Top WRs

This pretty much shows the art of projecting why Mike Evans should be considered a top-tier to elite level WR prospect, since he's run a sub 4.55 second 40-yard dash This guy has had the college production, has shown the desirable measurables, and now needs to continue to prove himself to NFL teams in the rest of the scouting process.

However, this also shows why Kelvin Benjamin throws up major red flags and compares more closely to 1st round bust Jonathan Baldwin.

All of these guys had at least one season of pretty good to elite level production while they were in college:

Some current top-level WRs that Evans somewhat compare to for various reasons:

Dez Bryant

6' 2" height
9.75" hands
4.52 sec. 40-yd dash
1.53 sec. 10-yd split
2.51 sec. 20-yd split
4.46 sec. 20-yd S.S.
38" vertical
+ Size-Speed ratio was high level
+ Elite sophmore year production
- Suspended part of junior year for NCAA rules violation
- Maturity issues were a character concern

Josh Gordon

6' 4" height
10" hands
4.52 sec. 40-yd dash
36" vertical
+ Size-Speed ratio is high level
+ Huge hands.
+/- Was on his way to high level college production
- Major off-field issues lead to college suspension

A.J. Green

6' 3-5/8" height
9.5" hands
4.48 sec. 40-yd dash
1.55 sec. 10-yd split
2.53 sec. 20-yd split
4.21 sec. 20-yd S.S.
34-1/2" vertical

Brandon Marshall

6' 4" height
N/A hand size
4.52 sec. 40-yd. dash
1.60 sec. 10-yd split
2.71 sec. 20-yd split
4.31 sec. 20-yd S.S.
37" vertical

Alshon Jeffery

6' 3" height
10.25" hands
4.48 sec. 40-yd. dash
1.64 sec. 10-yd. split
2.63 sec. 20-yd. split
4.17 sec. 20-yd S.S.
36-1/2" vertical

Case study of a 1st round size-speed WR bust who is similar to Kelvin Benjamin

Jonathan Baldwin

+ Size-speed ratio
+ Spectacular catches
+ High points the ball well
- High number of drops and drop rate
- Inadequate blocking skills, not a willing blocker.
- Gives up on plays
- Character concern red flags that included: not being a hard worker, off the field potential legal trouble, reports of selfish attitude.
- Relationship with his college coaches and QB wasn't good
- interview quote on whether he was declaring for the 2011 NFL Draft: "Heck yeah, I'm leaving. It can only get worse. They had me running a lot of deep routes (this year) and yards were hard to come felt like they were purposely trying to disrupt my draft stock."

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