Lions Mayne's 2014 NFL Draft Prospect Rankings w/ Draft Profiles: Wide Receivers

These draft profiles try to translate what all the player's skills sets, stats, & advanced metrics mean in practical, easily understandable terms.

My rankings are based off of live games I've seen, game tapes or YouTube upload I've watched, and assessments by some of the most respected draftniks and scouts/ex-scouts I listen to. I will update my draft profiles when I gain more time to do so.

The Lions need an outside WR more than they need a slot WR, so I separated the prospects by what type of position they'd likely spend most of their time in at the NFL level.

Outside Receiver Rankings

1. Sammy Watkins, Clemson (no. 1 WR overall; 1st round grade)

+ Ideal hand size (9-5/8")

+ 4.43 sec 40-yard dash. Excellent game speed; TD-threat anywhere on the field. YAC king in 2013

+ Outstanding production

+ Great hands; natural hands-catcher. Had one of the best drop rates in 2013.

+ Tracks the ball very well.

+ Game-changing play-maker. Takes short plays and consistently turns them into long ones. Elite YAC receiver.

+ Excellent screen pass catcher as over 50% of his receptions were off screens in 2013. Should be a Demaryius Thomas-level screen catcher.

+/- Ran so many screen & lateral routes than there isn't much tape on him being able to run more of an NFL-ready route-tree.

- Doesn't consistently work the middle of the field.

- Ball security

- Moderate character risk off the field. Reportedly is a bit immature in regard to on the field behavior and could take extra time to get used to an NFL playbook

2. Mike Evans, Texas A&M (no. 2 WR overall; 1st round grade)

+ Ideal hand size (9-5/8")

+ 4.53 sec. 40-yard dash

+ Was a YAC king in 2013. Able to keep going after catches because of deceptive speed & difficulty defenders have in trying to take him down.
+ Great hands and catching ability. Outstanding high-point catch skills. Had a better drop rate than even Sammy Watkins in 2013.
+ Excellent vision and anticipation.
+ Good, physical blocker
+ Great in the scramble drill
+ Showed overall skill improvement and dominance in 2013.

+ Had one of the most evenly-distributed reception chart of the top-10 WRs in 2013. Caught short, intermediate, & deep passes.
+ No real character concerns that the general public knows of at least.
+/- Good, but not great speed. Still was good enough to be the no. 1 deep threat in college football during the 2013 season.
- Needs to be coached in refining route running to an acceptable NFL level.
- Can be a hot head on the field at times. Especially when he's not performing to his ability.

3. Odell Beckham Jr., Louisiana State (no. 3 WR overall; 1st round grade)

+ Huge hand size (10")

+ 4.43 sec. 40-yard dash

+ Extreme deep field pass threat. Caught over 60% of his passes greater than 10 yards in 2013.

+ Good catcher

+/- Drop rate was average/acceptable for college WRs. But, considering the amount of deep passes he caught, he's probably a better pass catch than evaluators may realize.

4. Jordan Matthews, Vanderbilt (no. 7 WR overall; 1st round grade)

+ Biggest hand size in WR draft class (10-3/8")

+ 4.46 sec. 40-yard dash. Excellent long speed that is deceptive on the field.

+ Size-speed ratio

+ Has shown great possession WR skills in his college career.

+ Excellent screen pass catcher. Had reception chart similar to Sammy Watkins in 2013. Caught 45% screen passes.

+ Outstanding production.

+ YAC king in 2013; 2nd only to Sammy Watkins. Showed the toughness to keep running after the catch.

- However, needs to improve YAC on slants/post/corner breaks in the NFL.

- Drop rate SLIGHTLY higher than what's acceptable for college WRs. Is prone to some concentration drops.

5. Allen Robinson, Penn State (no. 8 WR overall; 2nd round grade)

+ Ideal hand size (9-1/2")

+ Size-speed ratio

+ Very good short & intermediate field WR catching most of his passes there in 2013. Great at sideline catches. Skill translates well to the NFL

+ YAC king in 2013. Showed the quickness & toughness to elude defenders and keep running after catches. Robinson also gained 14.25 yds YAC on screen passes; top notch screen runner.

+ Contrary to popular belief, had very good hands. Drop rate was better than most WRs in 2013.

+/- 4.60 second 40-yard dash. Short area speed looks better than long speed

- Looked nervous at the combine

- Lacks adequate top-end speed to be a deep field threat.

7. Davante Adams, Fresno State (2nd round grade)

+ Size-speed ratio

+ Elite level college production in 2013 + 39.5" vertical. Great jumping ability. High points footballs well. Will be a red-zone threat.

+ Good anticipation

+/- Small, but acceptable hand size (9"). Still shows that he is a natural hands-catcher though.

+/- 4.56 sec. 40-yard dash. Short area speed looks better than long speed.

+/- Have to wonder how much he benefited from Fresno State scheme in terms of production.

- Long strikes make his route breaks less dynamic

8. Kelvin Benjamin, Florida State (2nd round grade)

+ Huge hand size (10-1/4")

+ Size-speed ratio

+ Great downfield WR

+/- 4.61 sec. 40-yard dash. Good time relative to his size

+/- Flashed good blocking skills in 2013

+/- Has committed to being a better player since he arrived at FSU

- Very raw player.

- Not able to be a short field catcher because of lack of quickness.

- Major red flag on having a drop rate about 3 to 4 time greater than what's acceptable for WRs. Probably had the worst drop rate in the nation during 2013.

- Reportedly went up to 260lbs when he first got to FSU when his coaches informed him he wouldn't be playing his freshman year. Has lost 30 lbs. since then

- Has admitted to being lazy on and off the field early in his FSU career

9. Donte Moncrief, Ole Miss (3rd round grade)

+ 4.40 sec. 40-yard dash

+ Size-speed ratio

+ Nice even acceleration

+ 39.5" vertical. Excellent leaping ability. Good at high pointing the ball

+ Good blocker

+/- Flashes play making ability inconsistently.

+/- Small but ok hand size (9-1/8")

- Inconsistent production. Looks to take plays off at times

- Game speed can be significantly slower than actually speed at times.

- Can be out-muscled by defenders on jump balls enough though he's so big!

- Drop rate. Smaller hands probably lead to drops

- Average at shedding tackles and open field plays.

- Susceptible to being taken out of games by defenders. 7 games of 60 yards or less in 2013. But should be one of the top developmental WR in this draft class

10. Martavis Bryant (4th round grade)

+ Ideal hand size (9-1/2")

+ 4.42 sec. 40-yard dash

+ Size-speed ratio

- Raw WR. One-trick pony deep route runner

- Drop rate is about 2 times greater than what is acceptable for college WRs

11. Paul Richardson (4th round grade)

+ 4.40 sec. 40-yard dash

- Small hands (8-7/8"). Could lead to higher drops at the NFL level

12. Jeff Janis (5th round grade)

+ 4.42 sec. 40-yard dash

+ Size-speed ratio

+/- Huge hand size (10-1/4")

- Small school prospect; likely will take longer to get adjusted to NFL level competition

13. Cody Hoffman (late round grade)

+/- Might end up being better version of Kris Durham because he has better hands

Slot Receiver Rankings

1. Brandin Cooks, Oregon State (no. 4 WR overall; 1st round grade)

+ Ideal hand size (9-5/8")

+ 4.33 sec. 40-yard dash

+ Had one of the most evenly-distributed reception chart of the top-10 WRs in 2013. Caught short, intermediate, & deep passes.

+ Was a YAC leader in 2012. YAC reduced in 2013 due to Oregon State scheme.

+ Exceptional hands.

2. Marqise Lee, University of Southern California (no. 5 WR overall; 1st round grade)

+ Ideal hand size (9-1/2")

+ 4.52 sec 40-yard dash

+ Instant acceleration. High level YAC receiver

+ Ran great routes in 2012.

+ Exceptional intermediate field pass catcher.

+ Is reported to be a high-character guy

+ Good blocker

+/- Quicker than fast (better short area speed than long-speed). Makes him a better slot WR than outside at his size.

- Not a great deep field pass catcher. Lacks adequate top-end speed.

3. Jarvis Landry, Louisiana State (no. 6 WR overall; 1st round grade)

+ Huge hand size (10-1/4")

*Didn't run 40-yard dash due to injury*

+ Excellent production in 2013.

+ Outstanding possession WR. Caught most of his passes in the intermediate field.

+ Elite hands. Had the best drop rate of all top-10 WR prospects in 2013. Probably a leader, if not the leader, in NCAAF during the 2013 season

+ Huge experience running a varied route tree in 2013.

4. Josh Huff, Oregon

+ Decent hand size (9-3/8")

+ Outstanding blocker

5. Jared Abbredaris

+ Good route runner

6. Robert Herron
+ 4.48 sec. (40-yard dash)

7. Shaq Evans, UCLA
+ Decent hand size (9-3/8")

+ 4.51 sec. 40-yard dash

+ Size-speed ratio. Bigger than most slot guys

- Average production. Can disappear in games at times.

- Drop rate

8. Jalen Saunders


9. Jeremy Gallon, Michigan

+ Decent hand size (9-3/8")

+ 4.49 sec. 40-yard dash

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