"And with the tenth pick the Detroit Lions select Taylor Lewan."

"And with the tenth pick the Detroit Lions select Taylor Lewan."

Hear me out.

I'm not suffering Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy, loopy from my new, free Obamacare meds, a relative of Matt Millen, or even... well, Matt Millen.

Really. I promise.

I boldly propose our Lions grab the best of the remaining three Offensive Tackles available (Matthews, Robinson, or Lewan) if Sammy Watkins is off the Board. And will try to make the case that even if Sammy Watkins is staring at us, we should steal a tackle.

We've heard from experts like Mike Mayock that these three tackles are better prospects than the four taken in the first 11 picks last year (and 3 of the first 4 picks). And one might recall that of the tackles taken last year only Joeckel and Fisher were considered NFL-ready, with Johnson and Fluker needing some polishing.

In any other year, these OTs would be gone 1, 2, and 3. However, this year's draft is strangely, thankfully, unique: 5 of the first 9 teams drafting need an answer at QB to some great degree, Clowney is thought of as a freak, Watkins is considered the best of a deep WR group, and only Washington and Atlanta really need o-line help, and now Mack's tearing up the Combine... Shouldn't this make one or even two of the three OTs available at #10?

It's certainly true that the offensive line is not the greatest area of need for our boys in Honolulu Blue with last year's draft netting Warford and Wattles. But, is Rieff, as solid as he's been, really the best we want to be on the left side? Grabbing a 5-star tackle like Lewan or Robinson and then a late round center would hopefully completely and totally solidify our line for several years.

Besides, this team should not be sniffing a #10 pick anytime soon. We won't have a chance to see another "can't miss" OT for years. These prizes, in any other draft, NEVER drop.

Also, the Draft is so incredibly rich at WR that our next two rounds could easily net excellent, speedy prospects like Cooks, Moncrief, Beckham, Landry, etc. I know Watkins had a great year and carved up the Buckeyes, but the Combine suggests that the separation between Watkins and the rest of this group may not be that great. Can you imagine the firepower available to our coaches with Mega, Cooks and Moncrief buzzing downfield with an O-line consistently keeping Stafford clean and upright?

It's also been said recently that most DBs take a couple years to develop. Using that logic, any CB or S drafted this year probably won't have an immediate affect on our D. Besides, we could probably grab kids like McGill and Hal in the 4th and 6th, hope last year's picks have developed, hope Houston gets back to form, and purchase a DB (Safety?) in FA.

I know, crazy.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Pride Of Detroit or its writers.

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