Fanspeak sim draft results... A slightly different approach to the Lions draft

Ok so I'm new to posting, this being my first, but have been reading stuff on here for a while now. Here's how my draft worked out on Fanspeak it's a good premise for mocks.


So I think Mike Evans is straight forward, and I do like him better than Lee for the Lions just because he's the type of target Stafford likes throwing to.

Now Rd 2 and 3 I'm sure have a few going huh?

Tuitt dropping makes him a steal and too valuable to pass up (I also think he'll be gone in the 1st round though). He can line up as a DE in a 4-3 and a 3-4, he really is an athletic freak, and being able to do that will really help the Lions when Austin inserts some of the 3-4 looks he's said he wants to incorporate. Had Tuitt been healthy at the beginning of the NCAA season I think we're talking about him as a top 10 pick. Trevor Reilly is built the same as Anthony Barr and though he's listed as DE he's actually played most of his collegiate career as an OLB in a 4-3 before switching to DE part way through this season. As far as NFL comparisons he reminds me of KJ Wright of the Seahawks. He has good coverage skills, knows how to get to the QB, and play the run and again can stay at OLB in those 3-4 sets.

I don't see CB as a big need, like many have posted here they have to give the young CBs playing time to allow them to develop. I do think it's a good idea to add a mid-rounder at CB and happen to have a man crush on Keith McGill. He's tall, big and has some speed (low 4.5s is what I expect at 6'3" and about 215lbs) he also showed at the senior bowl that he can flip his hips and run with receivers.

Joe Don Duncan is a small school TE but has great size (6'3 267lbs) and caught a ton of balls in D2 Dixie State (71 for 1045yds and 13 TDs) he said to have a good bit of athleticism and to be able to line up as a FB and H-back. I also see him as a more balanced TE like Pettigrew if they let him walk.

I like Gabe Ikard more than most. He did a great job against Louis Nix III the consensus top DT in this draft when OU played ND, being an Irish fan this opened up my eyes. He's a little light at 303 but has the frame to bulk up at 6'3". He's a good candidate to be tutored under Raiola.

There were a couple of UDFAs in this draft I'd go after too... Aaron Colvin (assuming it's because of his knee injury at the Senior Bowl) and Vinnie Sunseri went undrafted as did Clemson Kicker Chandler Catanzaro. All 3 would head my list.

Despite being able to get Sunseri as UDFA the biggest problem with my draft is the lack of a S in the top 3 rounds mostly because I'm not impressed with this safety class. Keith McGill definitely has the tools to play safety but if the draft plays out this way and he indeed has what it takes to be a perimeter CB he should stay there. It's a nice fall back option in training camp though.

So what do you think? Have at it!

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