How have current head coaches in their second try in the NFL fared?

During a lot of these coaching searches posts, there were discussions about NFL head coaches getting a second try after being fired or after resigning. I wanted to see how NFL coaches fared during their second stint in the NFL; if they were better, worse, the same in terms of records, how many seasons they lasted, how they did in their first season with their new team, etc... and pile it on ya in one big post. Really, I'm just tired of the draft talk already (which bodes for a long winter/spring for me), and wanted to spark up a new discussion.

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First NFL HC job: Interim with Colts (went 9-3 with rookie Andrew Luck)

Second HC job: Arizona Cardinals. Arians went 10-6 narrowly missing the playoffs, generally regarded as the best team not in the playoffs. Also did this with Carson Palmer as their QB, so extra credit. Still hired.

  • Chitcago Bears: Marc Trestman

First HC job: Montreal Alouettes. In his first year as HC, Trestman lost in the championship game, but won the next 2. The worst finish the Alouettes had was 10-8, and went 2nd in their division.

Second HC job: Chitcago Bears. In Trestman's first season with the Bears, he went 8-8, finishing second in the NFC North and missed the playoffs by one game. He had an injured Jay Cutler for most of the year. Still with the team.

First NFL HC job: Cowboy. Garrett was the interim coach in 2010 and went 5-3 in 8 games.

Second HC job: Cowboys. Boooooring. 8-8,8-8,8-8.

First NFL HC job: Carolina Panthers. Fox's biggest accomplishment was losing to the 2003 Patriots in the Super Bowl.

Second HC job: Denver Broncos Fox went 8-8 and made the AFC divisional game with Tim Tebow in his first year. Got Peyton Manning in year two and went 13-3 but lost in the AFC Championship to the Ravens, then lost the Super Bowl this year.

First NFL HC job: Indianapolis Colts Caldwell went 14-2 first season but lost in super bowl. Went 10-6 and lost in the wild card round the next year. 2-14 with Peyton Manning out the season in year 3.

Second HC job: Detroit Lions. Super Bowl winners is 2015. Considered better than Bellichik in two years.

First NFL HC job: Philadelphia Eagles. From 2000-2004 the Eagles made the playoffs, and four other times during his tenure, but never made it past the NFC Championship game.

Second HC job: Kansas City Chiefs. The Chiefs had just come off of their worst season in team history, and Andy Reid went 9-0 in his first 9 games, and ended 11-5. He lost in wild card after injuries to star players, but will likely have another good upcoming season.


First NFL HC job: Cleveland Browns. In his 4th year, the Browns made the playoffs but lost in the AFC divisional game. He was then fired after a 5-11 season the year after.

Second HC job: New England Patriots. 3 super bowls in 4 years including playoffs every year but 2... in 14 years. 1st in division 11 out of 14 years. //drops mic

First NFL HC job: Assistant HC for the Cowboys under Parcells.

Second HC job: New Orleans Saints. Went to the NFC Championship game in first year, then won the Super bowl in 2009. He's been to the playoffs 5 out of 7 years as Head Coach.

First NFL HC job: Jacksonville Jaguars. First coach for the new expansion team. 4 straight playoff years after year 1. Most successful expansion team start ever.

Second HC job: New York Giants. Coughlin had 2 super bowl wins and playoffs in 5 of 10 years. He also went to the playoff in 4 of first of 5 years.

First NFL HC job: Assistant to Harbaugh in Baltimore in 2009, but he was mostly the Defensive Coordinator.

Second HC job: NY Jets. In Ryan's first two years as HC, he took his team to NFC Championship game with Mark Sanchez. However, his defense wasn't incredible after that and hasn't made the playoffs since. Only 2009 HC retained.

First NFL HC job: NY Jets. Went 6-10 in first and only year with the Jets.

Second NFL HC job: New England Patriots. Carroll made playoffs his first two years. He missed 3rd year and was subsequently fired.

Third NFL HC job: Seattle Seahawks. Went to the playoffs in his first year, and 2013 super bowl champs in year 3.

First NFL HC job: Titans/Oilers. Coached the Titans/Oilers for 17 (yes, 17) years. Narrowly lost super bowl in ’99.

Second HC job: St. Louis Rams. 7-8-1 first year. 7-9 next year. Sam Bradford was hurt in year 2.

  • Tampa Bay Bucs: Lovie Smith

First NFL HC job: Chitcago Bears. Fired after failing to make playoffs 5 of last 6 years.

Second NFL job: Bucs. First year.

First NFL HC job: Arizona Cardinals. He lost in his only super bowl appearance in 2nd year in 2008.

Second HC job: Lio…..nevermind Titans. Will do wonderfully but lose in 5 consecutive super bowls to the Lions.

Below are the host of coaches that are in their first year ever as a head coach in the NFL, or are currently still a head coach with their first team. I added any notable things that might have something to do with this post.


First NFL HC job: Falcons

First NFL HC job: Ravens

First NFL HC job: Bills

  • Carolina Panthers: Ron Rivera

First NFL HC job: Panthers

First NFL HC job: Bengals

  • Cleveland Browns: Mike Pettine (Any guesses as to how long he stays?)

First NFL HC job: Packers

First NFL HC job: Texans

Had a HC stint with Penn State after the Paterno and Sandusky scandal. O'Brien had little to work with over his two years of coaching, as PSU had almost all of their scholarships taken away, but won coach of the year in his first year.

  • Indianapolis Colts: Chuck Pagano

First NFL HC job: Colts

  • Jacksonville Jaguars: Gus Bradley

First NFL HC job: Jaguars

First NFL HC job: Dolphins

First NFL HC job: Vikings

First NFL HC job: Raiders

  • Philadelphia Eagles: Chip Kelly

First NFL HC job: Eagles

Kelly ran Oregon's offense for a year before taking over as their HC. He immediately had success in his spread no huddle offense and put Oregon on the map in terms of the BCS. Looks like he transformed Foles into a huge threat.

First NFL HC job: Steelers

First NFL HC job: Chargers

First NFL HC job: 49ers

Harbaugh was the HC of Stanford, and was a huge part of Andrew Luck's rise at the collegiate level. He took the 9er's job and immediately took an underachieving Alex Smith and made him into a competent starter.

First NFL HC job: Redskins

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