How signing Golden Tate may affect the Lion's draft

This is just a 100% hunch of mine, but I think that with a signing like Golden Tate, the Lions could be foreshadowing the taking of yet another receiver / TE offensive weapon at #10 in the draft.

For me, when you consider what the new offensive coaching staff might be trying to do, ( make things easier for Matt Stafford to get into a rhythm ) all of a sudden picks like Mike Evans and Eric Ebron start making quite a bit of sense at #10.

The real " need " was for a sure-handed and productive 2WR heading into the draft. Well o.k., now that we've paid Golden Tate 2WR money, we can basically check that need off the list.

Now this is where players like Ebron and Evans start to look very attractive at #10. Watkins will most likely be gone at #10. However, how does Evans shape up as a physical red-zone threat 3WR who plays excellent " post up " and can high point the ball and work the end zone / sidelines ? Right now along with CJ and Tate, I think Evans starts to look very good in that type of role in our offense, and very worth a #10 pick. I think the concern with Evans has always been, is he ready to come into the NFL and be a productive 1 or 2WR ? As a role playing 3WR, who poses incredible mismatch possibilities, he starts to make a lot more sense.

Also, a lot of folks have said that #10 might be a little early to take a player like Ebron. Again, given his likely role now in the Lions' offense, if he were to become a Lion, given that we now also have Tate, I dunno, I think Ebron becomes a very valuable puzzle-piece right there at #10 for this offense.

Picture the Lions now at the opponents 20 yard line driving in for a score, and not wanting to settle for 3 points, with CJ and Golden Tate, Ebron or Evans and Fauria, and with Bush or Bell coming out of the back field or motioning into a receiver position - that's lights out offensive capability !

Consider the alternatives - in this draft.

We can get more experience at safety in FA still, and then not have to reach for a safety at 10.

I think we're set enough at OL to not need to go that way at 10 either. I think we'd be better off trading out of the10 spot if one of the stud OT's were to still be there at 10.

Ditto the QB's. Like if a QB is still there at 10 that a team all-of-a-sudden wants to trade up and get - then fine - trade down.

About the only other scenario that could only slightly possibly materialize - is somehow if Clowney or Watkins were to drop to #10. If teams passed on those players for some reason. If that happened - I think the Lions pull the trigger on Clowney and it's a no brainer. Watkins ? He might be trade-down bait then, because really, how many balls are there to go around if you draft Watkins after having already paid Golden Tate and Calvin Johnson ? Evans or Ebron I can still see as having a valuable role, also some of the lesser rated WR's like Moncrief, Cooks etc. in later rounds, but Watkins at 10 ?? I dunno if that isn't then like subtraction by addition in that spot, and he therefore becomes trade-down bait.

CB. I don't see any that warrant a #10 pick.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Pride Of Detroit or its writers.

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