Lions Vs Superbowl Saints

after reading an interesting article from a raiders draft perspective, a few thoughts came to mind. number one being ok what would it take to trade up to the fifth pick considering sammy ,mack or whoever lions brass fancies. from year to year things tend to change but basically from a draft scale pov we would give up our first and second round, advantage raiders. 1st and third advantage us. i would think somewhere inbetween would be reasonable as the article states swap first rounders and give up our third this year and next. i could live with that!

another thought was would another offensive weapon albeit a draft luxury put the offense over the top? considering our new OC i thought it would be interesting to compare the 09 superbowl saints to the 14 detroit lions.

so here we go.....

qb brees>stafford

i thought this should be first because this is probably the biggest factor that no matter how many weapons/nasty defense we will have to live with matthew stafford for the foreseeable future. i am a big fan, but in his short career i dont think too many people would argue this one.


i would call a cats game. lions reggie 2.0 is a more patient, physical back that isnt afraid to get his nose dirty. while young reggie was more than willing to bounce every run outside and out athlete people like the usc days. as far as the other guys joique vs pierre. i dont think i could pick one or the other. thomas has proven to be a steady, productive back year after year. bell i feel is just coming into his own and has the heart of a lion playing for his home team.


i feel is a little tricky, at the top of the order with calvin and tate there is no comparison. on the other hand depth wise i would take the saints colston, henderson, moore, maechem. they all fit perfectly into lombardi's scheme, unfortunately for fantasy owners any one of the four could have a 100 yard/touchdown day. this here is what got me plotting:)

te shockey vs pettigrope

always liked shockey after watching him in miami but he never amounted to the player that he should have been. regardless of your thoughts on pettigrew lets compare stats. 48cth, 569yds,3td vs 41, 416, 2. although shockeys numbers indeed are a little better, only two more tds were scored by saints tight ends while fauria scored seven in his first season as a pro. so all things considered i would give the lions an edge


wow i didnt realize how good the saints o line was during their 09 superbowl run. lt jermon bushrod, lg carl nicks, c jonathon goodwin, rt jon stinchcomb, rg jahri evans, im sure if youre reading this you know who we have, two old reliables who are getting close to past their prime, a young highly drafted stud, another third round stud (possibly mm's best draft pick) and an undrafted beast who did a fine job as a youngster but needs polish. ill take the who dat nation on this one.


this took a little longer than i was expecting, ill have to compare defenses tomorrow. some thoughts though are that my heart is telling me trade up for sammy!! if at all possible, we would have a stronger top three wideouts than the saints did by a longshot. the numbers/rosters on the other hand are telling a different story. they built up their o-line to the point of basically 4 pro bowlers to protect brees, open running lanes and close out games.

i would love the best receiving corps in the nfl but not since the greatest show on turf has the team with the leagues best receivers actually won the superbowl. (possibly the packs driver, jennings, nelson) but im trying to make a point. leagues best receivers on a team historically wins you high scring disappointment. good o-lines and defense builds dynasties!! as much as i am infatuated with sammy, for the teams sake it wouldnt be the worst choice to go for lewan,mack, barr if there was no way to slide up or down from our spot.

thanks for reading...what do you think??

go lions!!

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