Mock Draft from me... my thoughts... etc...

I thought I would post a Mock Draft on here. I have some thoughts as to how the Lions are going to think, The will probably end up being totally wrong... But I am thinking them... So, here we go:

1st Round Anthony Barr - OLB/Edge Defender - UCLA

As Ty Schalter puts it... the Lions draft BPATFAN. Best player available to fill a need. And with Terryl Austin taking the reigns of the Defense, I fully expect us to look at versatile edge defender types. Most teams run some form of a Hybrid anyways... It seems to me that the Lions have been targeting Really Big D-Linemen these last two years. (Talking about Tall with size, not tall and thin). Barr is a difference maker, he has a great work ethic, he used to play running back so he is good in space, and I feel he is the best value at 10 if available.

2nd Round Keith McGill - CB/Safety - Utah

The Lions again draft for size. The reason I feel Detroit goes for Mcgill in round 2 is again because of his versatility. The Lions spoke with him at the senior bowl, and the Lions Coach used him as an example during corner drills at the combine. He can Press, he is strong, and he is fast. But I see detroit going for more of a BIG Nickel look in 2014, and McGill can play on a TE or a Receiver.

3rd Round Lamarcus Joyner - CB/Safety - FSU

Sure, He is tiny, but so was the Honey Badger. Playing a Hybrid Nickel CB/Safety, he could be a steal in round 3. And Mayhew has been dying to get some FSU Db's on the roster.

4th Round Brandon Coleman - WR/Rutgers

He is big and fast, and Ron Prince, our Assistant Head Coach / TE Coach was his OC at Rutgers. So if he is going to be Drafted, we would have the best idea as to what kind of player he would be.

4th Round - Supplemental - Gabe Ikard - C/Oklahoma

The Lions have already been in contact with him, and with Raiola sticking around for 1 more year, I'm thinking they are looking for more of a developmental guy.

6th Round - Larry Webster - DE/Bloomsberg

A Developmental DE who fits the physical profile the lions are looking for. Lions already brought him in for a visit, are working him out again in April.

7th Round - Cairo Santos - K/Tulane

Linked to the lions, loves the lions... I think has a lot of potential.

A Lot of Defense... But I think thats the way we are leaning in 2014. Let me know what you think

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