Drafttek 49ers trade.

In the process of scouring the web for some draft chatter that didn't have the words 'Johnny' and 'Football' in it, (which I have no interest in unless he ends up QB1 for the Vikings and Suh goes unblocked..) I checked the latest Drafttek mock. I like the unique perspective that they often give, and while I disagree with their picks often it's normally a fun way of looking at the draft.

On this occasion their draft has the following scnario in it;

What-If Simulation - Niners and Lions make a deal
The 2014 NFL Draft is perceived to be the deepest that we've seen in awhile, where first round talent can be acquired well into the depths of round 2. Couple this with a dearth of high-end elite difference-makers, and you have a trade mismatch situation where few teams are interested in trading up. Where a maiden has multiple suitors, father can demand a handsome dowry.

One of the few teams interested in moving up are the San Francisco 49ers. We've what-if'ed them before, and probably will again. They're a deep team sitting on 11 draft picks. Should they actually use all eleven, expect five or six of those to not be on the Niners roster on opening day. Jim Harbaugh has a few key needs that, if filled, could propel the Niners back into the Super Bowl.

The Trade
In this "What-If" simulation, the Niners want the best CB on the board. GM Trent Baalke is able to swing a deal with the Detroit Lions, who are happy to add quality picks. The Niners offer up their #30, #56 and #77 to the Lions for the #10, which they use to draft Darqueze Dennard of Michigan State. The Trade Value Chart shows that the numbers don't quite add up. This reflects the premium the Niners command. If the Lions won't take this deal, maybe the Bills or Titans do.

The Niners also possess the #94 pick. Should that be added into the deal, the Trade Value Chart point value would, on paper, balance out nicely. However the Niners really want to hold onto this pick. Packaged with their #61, it could give Baalke enough ammo to move up in Round 2 to snag that speed WR that the team is looking for. Brandin Cooks maybe??

The Lions
With this trade, the Lions would possess two 2nd-rounders and two 3rd-rounders, along with the #30 selection in round 1. With some deft drafting, GM Martin Mayhew could end up with four, possibly five starters! Check our model to review the Lions projected draft roster . . .

This seems to be a mighty temping (albeit hypothetical) offer, and it would really allow us to lay on the depth in a deep draft. What mock would you put together with #30, #45, #56, #77 and the 3 4th rounders?

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