Fun with Drafting

Let me know what you guys think!

Round 1: Sammy Watkins, WR, Clemson - I think its pretty clear that this is the guy that the Lions want. The Browns are the only team that scares and and they seem to be leaning towards QB. Sammy is the definition of playmaker with the toughness/quickness that reminds me of a larger Pervy Harvin. Another thing I love about Sammy, who I personally watched burn my beloved wolfpack a few times, is that he doesn't need to be the focal point of an offense. He played opposite of guys like Nuke Hopkins and Martavious Bryant and still found a way to be extremely productive.

Round 2: Morgan Moses, OT, Virginia - Moses is a monster that was once projected to be a top-5 pick. He has everything you love in an offensive tackle: Size, quickness, aggressiveness, and good leadership qualities. Reiff, Warford, and Moses will be the anchor of the best offensive line in football for the next decade. Moses is compared to Ryan Clady of Denver.

Round 3: Ed Reynolds, S, Stanford - Would be a very good compliment to Quin Glover. Good instinct and extremely aggressive safety.

Round 4: Donte Moncrief, WR, Ole Miss - Sleeper pick in this draft. He is a physical player that has really good hands. One of those receivers that can move the chains on 3rd down.

Round 4: Gabe Ikard, C, Oklahoma - Raiola is getting old and we need a replacement soon. This guy is our long term solution.

Round 4: Tajh Boyd, QB. Clemson - Absolutely love this guy. He is your ideal backup qb that is a good pocket passer but can get out and run if you need it. He is a proven leader that has won big games.

Round 6: Dontae Johnson, CB/S, NC State - One of the most underrated DB in the draft. I watched him for many years and believe that he is more consistent than David Amerson. He is very versatile.

Round 7: Aaron Lynch, DE, USF - Physical freak that had a bad year after leaving Notre Dame. I think he can be a productive backup. Has all the traits but need to be taught how to be an NFL rusher.


Jeremy Gallon, WR, Michigan - Leader with great quickness. Would like to see him do work in the slot.

Matt Armstrong, C, Grand Valley State - Local kid that could be another candidate to replace Raiola.

Some other free agents I hope we look at:

Jermichael Finley - Great offensive weapon that it also a good blocker but injuries are a huge issue. Lets sign him on a 1 year deal. Im not the biggest fan of Pettigrew.

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